King of the City#2

We have a King of the City again! Well done to Josh for completing the most activities this week – he won by a mile!! Special mentions to Jonathan and Finlay, Josh’s nearest rivals. There are new activities loaded into our ‘My City’: why not have a go this week and try to steal Josh’s crown?

25 thoughts on “King of the City#2

    1. Do you need me or Mr Cawkill to show you how to get on? By the way, please remember not to put your last name on when you reply to posts.

          1. Well I tried it on the computer first but when I tried to do it on the laptop I forgot my password. And why am I not allowed to put on my last name?

          2. To keep you safe online! We all know who you are anyway and we don’t need our last names to be seen by people that we don’t know who might look on our blog.

  1. I HAVE BEEN ON EDUCATION CITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When we did our time tables test I normally get 2 out of 20 and this time I got 15 out 20 I was shocked it was so fun


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