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King of the City

I’ve checked out who’s been using Education City this week and I’m going to award King of the city to Kyle R as he’s completed the most activities (and he was the most accurate).Β  You can collect a prize from the prize box on Monday, Kyle. Special mention for Andrew for finding a game to help him with this week’s spelling target – brill! I’ll award a signature for anyone getting a special mention for their work on Education City πŸ™‚ Go to ‘My City’ for games linked to our recent learning or find some of your own…

Cheerful Chinese Celebrations!

Xie Nian Hao πŸ™‚ For our Chinese new year celebrations, we made spring rolls and some of us thought they tasted better than the ones from the shop. Yum yum !! We learnt to speak Chinese in a sentence – Β it was a bit hard. On Wednesday, we did some Chinese dancing: it was really fun. We enjoyed presenting our learning on Thursday to the school. In maths, we’ve done halving, finding halfway numbers, ordering decimals, calculating with different numbers of places and some of us used factor trees to find prime factors. In computing we finished off our phones. We also learnt a new song about volcanoes. This week was the first week of CoolΒ to learn: in the maths one we were looking at arranging digits and working systematically. Why not have a go at Dobrusia and Emilian’s problems on the other post?

Text by Alice

Which volcano am I? #3

I am an active composite volcano on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia. My eruption in 1815 was the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history. It could be heard over 1000 miles away. It caused global climate changes, leading to 1816 being known as ‘The year without a summer’; crops failed and livestock died all over the Northern Hemisphere, causing the greatest famine of the 19th century. Which volcano am I?


Digit detectives

Following our first cool to learn session, some of you asked me to put a similar problem on the blog for you to have a go at, so here goes…

Using the digits 0,3,5,6 and 8, what is the third largest 4-digit number you can make? Once you have posted your answer can you set a similar question for everyone?

Well done Emilian and Dobrusia you were the first two to answer correctly πŸ™‚

Everyone else, please read the posts carefully: Emilian and Dobrusia have set you some new questions to answer. DO NOT ANSWER THE ORIGINAL QUESTION πŸ™„

Wonderful week

In year 6 , we’ve had a really good week ! We’ve done factors and rounding in numeracy. We’ve done our Penn Resilience programme on Thursday – role plays on negative self talk . In literacy we did our explanation text on how a volcano erupts and in Mrs Howard’s group most of us included all four sentence types πŸ™‚ . In Mrs Larkin’s group we will not forget how pressure builds after seeing ketchup explode !!! In topic, we’ve finished our volcanic glossary and are looking forward to doing some art work about it.

Text by Dobrusia (Dobby πŸ™‚ )

Which volcano am I #2

I am a volcano in Southern Italy. I am an active volcano; my latest eruption was in 1944. I am considered a great threat to the cities surrounding me, including the crowded city of Naples. I am most famous for my eruption in 79AD, during which I buried the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum with ash, rocks and mud. Which volcano am I?

I’ll award two signatures for anyone posting the correct volcano name before I publish the answer. Good Luck!

This week in Year 6

In numeracy we have worked on equivalent fractions, simplest form and finding common denominators! We did our first spelling test on Thursday – lots of people got full marks πŸ˜† We presented our topic launch to our grown ups and we really enjoyed it. We’ve done Penn Resilience again with Mrs Howard – don’t forget to do the homework for it. In Computing, we created our own phones in lots of different designs!! All week, we have been working towards writing an explanation text on why a volcano erupts. It has been a real singing week because we had to learn songs about Introductions, Conclusions and the sections in an explanation text. Our topic work included writing a volcanic glossary. What have you enjoyed the most?

New year – new topic!

We have had a great Christmas and we are back on track with a new topic – Vicious Volcanoes!! We have started asking and answering questions about what we want to find out and we have started to learn our new song for the topic launch. In numeracy, we’ve been finding percentages mentally and working on data handling with pictogram charts, frequency charts, tally charts and bar charts! Yesterday, we started a new programme with Mrs Howard called the PENN Resilience Programme, to help with different life skills. Happy new year!!!

Text by Jonathan