Down, down, deeper and down!

Wow what a brilliant day!!! We have been on our visit today to the National Mining Museum and had an amazing time: I think it’s one of the best trips I’ve been on for ages πŸ™‚

Why don’t you tell everyone what you thought about the day: what was your favourite part? Did you find anything surprising?

I really enjoyed the workshop with Sally; she was so informative telling us all about life working down the pit during Victorian times. Probably the most surprising fact for me was when she said that only the ‘getter’ would get paid for his work! How unfair was that?!

23 thoughts on “Down, down, deeper and down!

  1. My favorite part was when Sally was telling us about the pit during Victorian times…..
    The scariest part was when we was going down the thing and I forgrt what it callds…

  2. I liked it underground in the pit because it showed what person does that and that and what surprised me is about the the tools they used they were really loud.

    What shocked me was when the cage jeered for a bit then it went smoothly down. πŸ™‚

  3. I really liked the trip, but the thing that scared me was when we went in the lift because it jeered when it started to go down , it went very deep down , it was very scary. The man who took us through the pit was very funny and I went home with lots of new thing to share with my mum…… (best trip ever…..)

  4. I found it scary when I looked down through the glass. Every time Ii stud on it my legs trembled. I thought that the glass would brake any minute then…but I fond out that the glass was pretty thick. You could see a red light at the bottom witch actually was a red light.

  5. I liked it when we went down into the pit, and it was funny when the tour guide got the fake rat and made it scurry on our heads (when it was pitch black !) But I didn’t like it when the lift jolted down , I’m not afraid of heights but I’m afraid of dips!

  6. Actually,no. But I think it had something to do with miss Emma. What a cheak them workers calling that drum thing Big Fat Emma! That is just wrong! Just because Emma made it and it was pretty big,it don’t give them in the right mind to call it that!

  7. When we went to the mine I thought it would be very quiet but it was NOT because of all of the noisey maichines they used.

    1. Hi Hannah, great to see you blogging πŸ™‚ I couldn’t believe how noisy those machines were either – they nearly made me jump out of my skin!

  8. Hannah I agree those machines nearly deafened me because they were so loud I couldn’t believe it, in fact I can still hear it in my head ringing on and on and on……………

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