This week in Year 6…

We have been very busy finding all sorts of missing angles in Numeracy and in Literacy we have been discussing and researching the expansion of the railways during the Victorian era. We have watched an animated version of The Wind in the Willows and created pop up Christmas cards in a style similar to the first ones sent by the Victorians. Our focus in art has been on paintings by the artist LS Lowry: we analysed his use of colours and perspective to portray industrialised landscapes before we recreated our own collaged version of ‘Northern River Scene’. Why don’t you share what your favourite part of the week has been?

4 thoughts on “This week in Year 6…

  1. In maths, was my favorite was, that I learn how to find missing angels and I couldant do it at the first time but I can do it now…..
    In literacy, was my favorite was, that we was learning about L.S.Lowry because today when I have anserd the question, I got a raffle ticket…..
    In art I liked when I was doing L.S. Lowry becouse I like to do art, its my favorite lesson out off evry other…..
    I loved when we was doing the christmas cards, it was greate fun because I just like to do art….
    But my favorite lesson was about L.S. Lowry….
    Bye Bye

  2. I loved doing our collages it was awsom and I liked finding the missing angles now I know what L.S lowery was he was a painter

  3. Art is ace (especially when collaging and sketching) ,it was great fun learning L.S. Lowry’s style of painting . I also particularly liked finding the missing angles because it makes maths actually turn out fun (that’s one maths lesson I can look forward to ! ) I am now more confident learning about angles . I liked learning a lot of facts about the railways , ready for our debate . Furthermore I liked the animated version of the wind in the willows – which we watched this week – because you can tell which character is which whereas you can’t on the other one but the one with with humans in,if I must admit was funny ! It has been a great week and I can’t wait till Monday because it’s our class trip to The Yorkshire Mining Museum ! What does the rest of the class think ?

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