11 thoughts on “Who was L.S. Lowry?

  1. Birth name: Laurence Stephan Lowry
    Born: 1 November 1887
    Died: 23 February 1976 (aged 88)
    works: Going to the match (1928)
    Comming from the mill (1930)
    Indrusial landscape (1955)

  2. L.S. Lowry has painted mysterious unpopulated landscapes and brooding portraits.On 26 June 2013 a major retrospective opened at the Tate Britian in London, his first at the Tate.

  3. L.S lowry was a painter who liked painting industrial scenes. His use of colours were very dull such as : black , brown , grey and really dark colours. Most of his paintings were really busy and full of people. Furthermore he liked painting unusual perspectives.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed collaging Jessica. Can you tell us anything more about the work of the artist we were looking at?

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