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Over the next couple of nights, Miss Warnes and I would like you to post on some mini challenges about different aspects of Victorian life. You can share facts you already know (such as those you’ve learned in school) or you can do some of your own research and share that. There will be rewards for the best posts.

The first challenge is to share what you’ve leaned about how the Victorians entertained themselves.
Was it the same for rich and poor people?
What did adults enjoy?
What did children enjoy?
What there anything similar to today?
For bonus prizes, can you find out what ‘The Great Exhibition’ was?
Remember – put your research into your own words – we will know if it is copied and pasted πŸ™„

13 thoughts on “Victorian Entertainment

  1. Nikola and Wiktoria
    Please use the internet to research in more detail. When you are more focused in your answers I’ll be able to post them πŸ™‚

    3.Well the poor people did enjoy them lives becouse, they had loads of different poor freinds, but the rich children had not this much freinds becouse it wasant loads of people rich
    4.houses, windows, dors, well we think hoerses are the same becouse them are still alive, patters on the houses, churches, coople of the town shops, the road wich is called (VICTORIA CROSE)
    We think us ansers gonna be right!!!!
    See you tommorow………

  3. 1.Well for rich people it was happy time becuse they had toilets and they had a house to live in and they had money…
    But the poor people havent got any toilets ever money or houses and they wasant that rich as Queen Victoria was… books, play games, get tgethor with freinds and read books loud, they might get togethor and listen to other people sining and dancing… the rich boys would learn how to be their fathers and the rich girls would learn to become a mother, a very good mother…

  4. Adults liked theatres as performances were regularly made by: poets, choirs and orchestras.
    Kids usually entertained themselves by: singing, acting and dancing.

    The Great Exhibition was organized by Henry Cole and Prince Albert. It took place in Hyde Park (London).It brought technology from all around the world to one place – for a showcase.

  5. Queen Victoria had 9 children called: Princess Victoria Royal, Edward 7, Princess Beatrice, Princess Alice, Prince Leopold, Princess Louise, Alfred, Princess Helena and Prince Arthur.

    No the rich were not the same with poor the rich could get valubal and exspensive items and can get the finist food and get bufeis and the poor only got like rubish wooden items and just bread and water.

    The adults liked criket football and rugby.

    poor children made there owne cloth-peg dolls, papper windmills,they saved there poket money to buy marbles, skipping ropes and sinning tops. Rich had dolls and tea sets and boys played with toy soldiers and marbles.

  6. The great exhibition was from the 1st of May till the 11th of October, it was the first international exhibition of manufactured products. Henry Cole and Prince Albert organised it and it was held at the purpose – built Crystal Palace in Hyde Park. Some of the objects in the exhibition were later used as the first collection at the South Kensington museum which opened in 1857 and was later named as the Victoria and Albert museum. Lots of famous people from back then attended such as : Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens and Lewis Carroll.

  7. Most Victorian children got entertained by playing outside in fields, woods and streets. The really rich kids had nurseries in their homes with toys and things in , so they spent most of their time in there. Whilst playing in the streets they sometimes crowded around musicians who were wheeling a barrel organ which played tunes and melodies. Some families (or just adults) used to crowd around bands in a park or sometimes they even went to the zoo and children used to ride on elephants ! The Victorians loved watching the performing arts , most towns had at least one theatre. Punch and Judy was a very popular travelling puppet show. Also funfairs and circuses travelled around the country and they had entertainment such as coconut shies , slides and swings , jugglers and fortune tellers. The railway changed peoples lives they could go and visit the seaside and have ice creams. The rich had more money so they had more advantage to go on outings, where as the poor didn’t have so much advantage so they were really lucky to go on outings. Some entertainment is similar to today like :funfairs, circuses , theatres , playing in streets and watching bands.

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