This week in Year 6

In literacy, we have designed our Jubilee cakes and started typing our instructions . In numeracy we have worked on quadrilaterals and we have been measuring and converting measurements. In RE , we analysed Psalm 23. As we have been working on designing our cakes, Mrs Manning – Ball came to show us different ways to decorate using icing. If we finish our instructions ,we will be baking our cakes on Tuesday…

Why not watchΒ  the Work Terrible Work song over the weekend? Click on the words to go to the video.
Text by Emilian.

22 thoughts on “This week in Year 6

  1. I really liked it in RE when we showed our performances of Psalm 23 in front of the class and I can’t wait to show it to Mrs Larkin I loved doing my performance.Also I liked watching the boys rap it must have took a long time for them to turn the Psalm into a rap.

  2. We like the icing Mrs Manning – Ball made and we are going to use the butter icing and the sugar paste for our cake. Our cake is called The dazzling diamond jubilee cake. It is: pink on top, the side has pink, white and blue icing. For its decoration it has: diamonds made out of silver balls, Queen Victoria’s head in butter icing, diamond jubilee in fancy writing and a sugar paste crown. Hopefully everybody will finish their instructions so we can bake on Tuesday! We enjoyed presenting Psalm 23 in different ways than writing. In our instructions we have started typing our equipment as we have already finished our ingredients. We have nearly finished equipment and are going to move on to our method. We enjoyed our quadrilateral collective memory we did with Mrs Howard, although it was hard to remember the small bits of information, especially the angles and their colours. In converting measurements, we can do: cm to mm, mm to cm, cm to m, m to cm, m to km, km to m, kg to g, g to kg, ml to l and l to ml. We have really enjoyed our week especially D.A.R.E. When are we writing our D.A.R.E reports? Great post Emilian it was very interesting.

    1. Great post girls – you’ve gone into a lot of detail about our week!! We will begin looking at planning DARE reports early next week.

  3. I really enjoyed watching your work on Psalm 23. You were coming up with some very impressive answers, particularly Kieran and Jaydn. Well done everyone!

  4. I am really excited about next week ! I can’t wait to finish my instructions and get baking
    the cake. I really like the terrible work song, I’ve listened to it lots of times I can’t wait to start rehearsing!

  5. I really liked R.E because me, emilian, elle, hannah, indiana, harriet, andrew and jaden done a perfomence of psalm 23 and it was great!!!!!!

  6. I can’t wait to bake the cakes !!! I’m soo exited and also I love the work terrible work song its very funny πŸ˜€

  7. I like the work terrible work song and I liked it when mrs manning ball came in and showed us how to do diffrent icing

  8. I can’t wait until we get the parts for the terrible work song. I would really like to have solos instead of boys and girls or y6 and y5 please.

    1. I think we’ll have a mixture: some solos and some kind of split between the children and the masters. I’m not sure which way we’ll decide yet though…

  9. Because everyone finished their instructions on Monday luckily we got to bake our cakes on Tuesday! I really liked my group’s cake supposedly it was the one that had risen the highest. Even though the sponge was very springy (which is a good thing) and the cake tasted lovely, I personally think the teamwork could have been better because I noticed that a few people were feeling left out πŸ™ Also I think our cake’s decorations went a bit over the top.

  10. I like the work terible work song because it has signs to say no singing, no talking and no whistling and that is what makes me like it. πŸ™‚

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