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Dazzling Days

On Monday, we finished off typing up our instructions for making a Victoria sponge so that on Tuesday we could start baking. Whilst we were baking our cake, we took photos of each of the stages which were used to make a video from photo-story in Computing. Also, we started to type up our Topic Review – a timeline for the Victorian era. This week in D.A.R.E. we filled in our books and completed all of the unfinished activities. What did you think about this week?
Text by Jonathan

Victorian Entertainment

playing with tops

Over the next couple of nights, Miss Warnes and I would like you to post on some mini challenges about different aspects of Victorian life. You can share facts you already know (such as those you’ve learned in school) or you can do some of your own research and share that. There will be rewards for the best posts.

The first challenge is to share what you’ve leaned about how the Victorians entertained themselves.
Was it the same for rich and poor people?
What did adults enjoy?
What did children enjoy?
What there anything similar to today?
For bonus prizes, can you find out what ‘The Great Exhibition’ was?
Remember – put your research into your own words – we will know if it is copied and pasted 🙄

This week in Year 6

In literacy, we have designed our Jubilee cakes and started typing our instructions . In numeracy we have worked on quadrilaterals and we have been measuring and converting measurements. In RE , we analysed Psalm 23. As we have been working on designing our cakes, Mrs Manning – Ball came to show us different ways to decorate using icing. If we finish our instructions ,we will be baking our cakes on Tuesday…

Why not watch  the Work Terrible Work song over the weekend? Click on the words to go to the video.
Text by Emilian.

This week in Year6…

This week we have been learning in R.E about how music is used to celebrate different faiths. In numeracy, we’ve been learning about properties of shapes. In literacy, we published our streams of consciousness. In D.T we sampled cake, made tally charts and wrote our design specification.

Don’t forget, we need to finish any incomplete work for DARE