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Wednesday 25.03.20

We’re halfway through the week! We are getting into the swing of things with home learning and I’m pleased to hear you are all staying safe 🙂 Today’s tasks are as follows (also available on Notebook)

  • Read for 15 mins and update your reading record.
  • Newsround
  • PE with Joe
  • Practise your weekly spellings in your target book. 
  • Maths: see the video for a quick reminder and questions below (in purple books please)
  • Philosophy: write a paragraph in your purple book
  • Class novel meeting at 1pm – remember to mute!
  • History: Workhouse inmate task on ‘Notebook’ (in purple books or save a Word doc into your file)

Spellings: My group: are you 100% sure you know the difference in meanings of the homophones and near homophones? Look up their definitions if you’re not sure. There’s a reminder of the words on Notebook

Maths: this shouldn’t take long at all!



Philosophy:Have a talk with the people at home or come onto Teams. The basics needed to survive were given in the workhouse: was it enough? What is the minimum a person needs in life? Is it different for different people? Is it different now from the Victorian period? Is it different now from last week?

When you’ve thought it through, write a paragraph in your purple book with your thoughts. Remember a paragraph is usually about 8 lines long and not just a single sentence! Perhaps you will focus on some of the questions more than others. Perhaps your discussions will take you in an entirely different direction – that’s the thing with philosophy! I’ll be interested to see where it takes you…

History: see the full instructions and resources on Notebook


Monday’s Notebook has pictures to remind you how to get into ‘Files’

Tuesday’s Notebook has pictures to remind you how to create Word docs

Monday’s blog has pictures to remind you how to get into Notebook!


Tuesday update

Sumdog Leaderboard:

Spelling: questions answered Briony 89, Chloe 70, Ella 68. I won’t put the accuracy on as I know there have been some issues which we hope will be sorted soon!

Reading: questions answered  Roxann 94, Ben 66, Tyler 50  Accuracy: Ellena 92%, Roxann 84%, Ben 83%

Maths: questions answered Riley 419, Jack Hen 272, Ruben 134    Accuracy: Ruben 95%, Jack Hen 94%,  Chloe 91%

Read Theory Quizes completed: only 16 today. Well done to Riley who did 9; Harry who did 5; and Rio who did 2.

It was slightly better than yesterday – let’s see if we can really go for it on Wednesday!

Tuesday 24.03.20

Lots of us managed to complete the tasks yesterday and were able to access the Notebook section of Teams. Yay! Hopefully, your timetable will be helping you to plan your days and you will be able to adapt it as necessary. Today’s tasks are as follows (also on today’s Notebook in more detail):

  • Remember, you have until the end of today to complete your initial assessments on Sumdog. There are still quite a lot of people that haven’t done this.
  • Read for 15 mins and update your reading record.
  • Newsround
  • PE with Joe
  • Class novel meeting at 1pm – remember to mute!
  • Practise your weekly spellings in your target book – I have found a way on Sumdog for us to have our test as usual on Thursday. If you can, get an adult to test you.
  • English: Handwriting and Reading task on ‘Notebook’ (put in purple books please)
  • History: Workhouse task on ‘Notebook’ (either in purple books or try creating a Word or PowerPoint doc -there is an explanation on how to do this in the notebook)

If you can’t remember how to get on Notebook, look at Monday’s post to remind yourself. If you still can’t do it, look at the comments on Teams. If you still can’t do it, can you ask a friend? I’ll be on Teams waiting to see how you get on 🙂

Hopefully, that should keep you busy!! I’m sure I’ll hear from you soon…



Monday update

Great job today! I’ve decided we’ll have 6pm as a cut off point for daily updates on Sumdog & Read Theory. You can still continue to play after 6pm of course but try to be aware of your screen time 😉

Sumdog Leaderboard:

Spelling: questions answered Harry 120, Ellena 89,   Ruben 89,  Keira 84   Accuracy: Jack Hen 100%, Hanna 98%, Ruben 94%

Reading: questions answered Alyssa 159, Ellena 119, Roxann 86  Accuracy: Ruben 97%, Ellena 89%, Scarlett 88%

Maths: questions answered Summer 330,  Jack Hen 215, Chloe 192    Accuracy Ben 100%, Harland 96%, Hanna 95%

Read Theory Quizes completed: 7127

I think we have forgotten Read Theory in our rush to do everything else! Alyssa was the only one to log on today 😬 I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day!

Monday 23.03.20

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a safe weekend. I know lots of you have been busy on Teams and Sumdog already 🙂  Here are your tasks for today:

  • Remember you have until the end of TUESDAY to complete 20 mins each on Sumdog Reading, Spelling and Maths to personalise your games
  • 9am PE with Joe
  • Newsround 
  • Please read your reading book for at least 15 mins and update your reading record
  • 1pm Class novel meeting – remember to mute!
  • Timetable task  (you can access full details of this on ‘Class Notebook’ on  Teams)

To get on Class Notebook first go to ‘Class Notebook’Then click on the arrow to the left of the screen

Then click on the arrow beside CONTENT LIBRARY

Then click on Monday 23rd March

and you’ll see the notebook page on the right. Follow the instructions and have a look at the example. Please read ALL of the instructions!!

I think that’s plenty to be getting on with on our first day!! I’m sure you’ll let me know if you’re having issues 😉


19.03.20 Sumdog

Because we can now access all of the Sumdog games, it needs to run an initial test so it can set the right level of questions for you for Maths, Reading and Spelling. Everyone’s questions will be personalised and exactly right for them.

All of the time you’ve spent on it so far this week has counted towards the assessment. In fact, Atlanta has completed her spelling test without even knowing it and is working on her personal targets every time she logs on now!

This will be your first home learning task: complete at least twenty minutes each of Maths, Reading and Spelling games by the end of Tuesday 24th March. You should automatically start in training mode and will we awarded your first virtual pet when you have completed the assessment. I will contact you through Teams to let you know that it has been completed. Have fun earning and spending the coins!

Wednesday 18th March

You’ve probably heard about the changes coming into place with school closures etc -especially if you’ve been watching Newsround 😉 – and whilst everything might seem a bit strange and new at the minute, I just wanted to remind you of everything that’s in place and planned so far.

  • The blog will be updated regularly for the usual posts, challenges and links to interesting things. You can also use this as a way of contacting me if you need to.
  • By the end of Thursday, you should all be up and running with your Office 365 accounts. We will be having some more time on Thursday to go over all of the features.
  • There will be activities for you to take part in on Teams: I will try to make sure it’s very clear what you need to do but you can always ask questions or ask for help if you need to. It might take us a while to get to expert level with it but I’m confident that we’ll absolutely nail it together.
  • Teams can also be used to get in contact with me if you would like to.
  • I will still be working throughout the day from home and part of my work will be checking the blog and Teams so you shouldn’t have to wait long if you contact me in these ways.
  • Activities will be set on Sumdog (everyone should be very confident with accessing these).
  • We will have the Read Theory challenge as usual.
  • We are in a brilliant Newsround routine and I really want us to try to continue with this every day.
  • Everybody has chosen some cracking books today so we can lose ourselves in them each day.
  • I have promised to continue with class novel everyday so we’ll probably get through more of that than we would have done in school 🙂 I’ll test out a few different ways of delivering that to you and we’ll decide on the best way but I guarantee voices will still be included!
  • We’ll have some kind of Cyber Good News assembly on a Friday … details to follow!

You’re probably also wondering what will happen about SATs too, right? The honest answer is we don’t know for sure yet but we do know that we need to keep learning! I know we’ll all be giving 100% ; don’t forget that  we’re Priory people though so that won’t be a problem for us! 🙂



Where does the time go?

I honestly don’t know!! We have had some great learning recently: we enjoyed our body image workshop with Ms Bell; delivered a very informative class assembly about the origins of democracy to the rest of the school; shared lots of stories on World Book Day; and been glued to our daily dose of Newsround!

We have an exciting week coming up next week too: it is British Science Week; Mr Littlewood returns on Monday for storytelling; Project Showcase day is on Wednesday; and some of us will be going to the Music Festival on Friday!

We are moving on with our Learn Its; we’re going to become super-speedy at the last three facts in the 11x table

  • 11 x 10 = 110
  • 11 x 11 = 121
  • 11 x 12 = 132

The Read Theory Challenge is ready for a shake up. Next week’s challenge will still have a prize but will be separate from the table points. How do you fancy anyone earning 100 Knowledge Points or more guarantees their place as a Foundation reading buddy? Let me know what you think to this and any other suggestions you have….