Olympic Team Sports

In our next knowledge lesson, we are going to be linking our learning about the first Olympics (held in the Ancient Greek era) to the modern Olympics of today. In the Summer Olympics, there are seven team sports: some of the sports you will already be familiar with and others probably less so.

This link to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics website gives lots of information about all of the sports (team and individual).

Can you remember what the seven team sports are?

Challenge: There are a further three Olympic team sports that are played at the Winter Olympics. Can you find out what they are?

It’s wet outside….

…. so why don’t you stay in and read?! The new Read Theory challenge is if you complete 15 quizzes by Thursday evening, you will earn yourself a signature and three points for your table!

This week’s winners were

Jack Hen: King of the Knowledge Points (6336 total)

Ben: Most quizzes completed (74 quizzes completed)

Also on the reading theme, we will be choosing someone to take home the reading treats on Monday 🙂

Next week, our Learn Its will be 8 x 4 = 32, 9 x 4 = 36 and 12 x 4 = 48

We have seen a few homework projects this week on the review day; perhaps you will do some work on your projects this weekend whilst the weather’s so grotty!

Atlanta’s Challenge

I have a challenge for all of you guys.

Jack had 5 pounds and lucy had 9 pounds if you add them together how much would you have. After you have done that they want to buy sweets they buy two lolipop packs and
1 toffee.
lolipops:pack of 10 is 2 pounds 19p
toffee: 3 pounds 34p

how much would they have to return or how much change would they have ?


This week we have said goodbye to our chickens as they are retiring to a farm near Gainsborough. After half term, we will be welcoming four new hens so we thought we should make ourselves experts in their care. Take a look at this website for LOTS of handy information. If you have time, read the ‘Grit’ section and let us know why it’s so important that we provide grit for our girls.

In our knowledge lessons, we have continued to learn the months of the year in Italian and Thomas has been helping us to perfect our accents. Here’s the video if you want to watch the song again.

Our Learn Its next week will be 6 x 4 = 24, 7 x 4 = 28 and 8 x 4 = 32

Read Theory Update: 366 quizzes this week. Signatures for…

  • Plato is the only table where every person has completed at least ten quizzes so 10 table points to them (it’s Thursday night so I will check again in the morning just in case)
  • Most quizzes: 52 by Summer
  • Most points earned: 1094 by Summer
  • Every quiz above pre-test level: Scarlett, Jack Hen and Aron
  • King of the Knowledge Points: Jack Hen again! Chloe, Ruben and Harry are catching up though…

We’ll have one more week with the same challenge before I change it and start setting individual challenges. I’ll add ten table points again for tables where every person completes ten quizzes. Maybe the new prizes in the prize box might convince the reluctant ones to join in!


It’s the weekend!

That was an action packed week! We really enjoyed our zumba lesson on Monday in PE with a few of us having the opportunity to be the instructors! In science, we had a trial run at finding and measuring our pulses before we do our experiment next week. Our maths has focussed on addition and subtraction and Real Life applications and our Learn Its scores have once again improved dramatically! Mrs Larkin taught us our first Y6 song for remembering, which was about relative pronouns. See what I did there?! 😉

Our geography work was to really secure our locating of the countries we have come across in our KS2 topics. Maybe you could impress your adults by showing them where Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Poland, Japan, USA, Iraq, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Greece are on a blank world map?

Can you remember all ten of the chemical symbols for Oxygen, Hydrogen, Gold, Silver,  Aluminium, Neon, Helium, Chlorine, Iron and Copper?

Read Theory is starting to take off: as a class we have completed 422 quizzes in just one week! Signatures for…

  • Most quizzes: 124 by Chloe
  • Most points earned: 2612 by Chloe
  • Every quiz above pretest level: Jack Hen
  • King of the Knowledge Points: 5878 Jack Hen

I’m setting a new challenge… if you can persuade every member of your topic group to complete at least ten quizzes before next Friday, I’ll add ten table points to your score!


Perfect pears

We have had a brilliant week! On Monday we had the chance to actually bake the Pear & Almond Flapjack Tart that we have been using for our real life maths, SPAG and Reciprocal Reading. Some of us thought we might not like it but we all had a taste of it and were impressed with the results!

We have enjoyed getting fabulously fluent in our CLIC lessons: the crown has been passing between us so quickly as we become faster and faster with our recall! We are finding it very useful tracking back and working on our 3 x table Learn Its – even in Year 6! Lots and lots of us increased our score today on the Learn Its challenge.

In science, we have continued to look at the circulatory system and Miss Cottingham was mightily impressed when she came to quiz us about blood. She thought she had walked into a Year 7 or 8 classroom because we were so knowledgeable and confident in our explanations!

In Geography, we have been locating the countries that we have previously studied in KS2 and this time it was Miss Ward’s turn to be impressed! Atlanta has a geography based challenge for you all…

I want to know what language is spoken in Ghana and where it is located on the map. I came up with this because we were talking about maps and where things are located on the map on Wednesday

I’m pleased to say there has been an increase in our use of Read Theory this week. I’ll be adding a signature for

  • Chloe who’s earned 2575 Knowledge Points
  • Jack Hen who not only has completed 45 quizzes this week but because he has been so accurate in his answers, each quiz has been at an increased difficulty level
  • Jack Hen (again) for being King of the Knowledge Points with a total of 5786