Whats in our heliocentric solar system?

We have been super scientist this week and we have been looking at our solar system. Here are a few questions for you to answer (no cheating or googling!)

What does ‘heliocentric’ mean?

What does the word ‘orbit’ mean?

How long does it take the Earth to spin on its axis?

How long does it take the moon to orbit Earth?

We have been making mnemonics to try and remember all of the planets in our solar system. Would anyone like to leave a comment with their mnemonic in?

In English we have started a new sequence and it is concentrating on being very descriptive. We have been working on expanded noun phrases and we have really enjoyed getting to know our new text which is called ‘I go chicken dippy’

We had some fantastic CLIC and SAFE scores this week, well done to those who beat their score 🙂

Keep up the good work Year 5!

Please find below a few examples of the Viking longboat art from our homework project options;

Image result for longboat art

Image result for longboat art

Related image

Happy Harvest

This week we had a lovely service in church for harvest festival. Thank you to all those children who brought in food to go to Bassetlaw food bank 🙂

We have been working on Perimeter this week in maths. We have been trying to figure out the missing length of irregular polygons.
Can anyone remember what the features of an irregular polygon are?

We finished our mystery and suspense piece this week and we completed our independent write. I am so pleased with your effort Year 5, there were some great pieces of writing.

This week in R.E, we looked at behaviour guidelines in Christianity, Judaism and Sikhism. Would anyone like to comment what they found in their research?

Remember to be practising your spellings and times tables at home ready for Monday!

Let’s see what next week brings for us 🙂

Apple crumble squares!

Year 5 have made some lovely apple crumble squares this week, they were delicious. I wonder if anyone can remember the ingredients?

We are nearly at the end of our mystery and suspense piece of writing. We have been working hard on using commas for clearer meaning in sentences. Can anyone write a sentence whereby using a comma changes the meaning?

In maths we have been putting our multiplication skills to the tests with some real life maths. I wonder if anyone can work this word equation out?

Miss Cottingham wanted to buy 54 miniature pigs to keep in her house. Each pig cost £32 to buy. If Miss Cottingham received a £150 voucher for money off her pig purchase. How much will she have spent on pigs?


Well done for another great week!

Will the Queen catch the culprit?

This week in English, we have been working really hard on using colons and semi-colons in our mystery and suspense piece of writing. Can anyone write a sentence which contains either of these?

We have worked super hard in maths and most of us have smashed our Learn Its score. I can really tell that we have been working on our times tables, keep it up!

In topic lessons this week, we have used our Atlas skills to find where the Vikings came from and where they invaded.

Next week is apple week and we will plan to make something using the apples from our tree in school, which is very exciting.

Another great week year 5, well done!

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

This week has been another fantastic one for Year 5!

We have been doing lots of work on modal verbs in English. Can anyone remember what a modal verb is and use one in a sentence?

In maths we have been working on our multiplying skills, I wonder if you can use your superhero zero to work out the following equation (NO CHEATING);

65 x 45 =

It was also a very famous author’s birthday this week. We helped Roald Dahl celebrate by inventing our very own chocolate/ sweet to encourage Mr Willy Wonka to employ us in his chocolate factory. I would love it if some of us would comment our amazing ideas below.


Well done for another amazing week Year 5. Keep this up!!

Welcome to Year 5!

What a fantastic first week we have had.

We have learnt lots about Earth and space, which is our first science topic and we have started our first English Unit. We are looking at texts in the mystery and suspense genre and we can’t wait to find out how/if the old man catches the thief!

Year 5 have also been working on deepening their thinking skills, trying to come up with their own philosophical questions. Would anyone like to comment their examples?

Well done to everyone who produced fantastic CLIC and SAFE scores, even after 6 weeks off you have remembered lots of things!

Thank you for a lovely first week, please keep up the good work! I am very excited for the year to come 🙂


Perfect Performance

We have had a super week in Year 5 so far.  Even though it is nearly the summer holidays, there is no stopping us!

On Tuesday, we did three performances of our end of year play. We really enjoyed it and we did excellently. A special congratulations goes to the children who took on other roles at the last minute,  you worked really hard and pulled it out of the bag! You all worked extremely hard to learn your lines and the words to the songs, you definitely gave the audience a good laugh!

We have also been up to Portland Academy this week to look at our secondary school and to take part in some lessons. We did Spanish, Science and Computing and we had a great time.  Would anyone like to comment what their favourite part of the day was?

On Friday we are having a safety enrichment day. We will be taught all about E-safety, Physical education safety and First Aid safety. We are very excited for this and think it will be a great day.

I am very much looking forward to our final week together before the summer holidays. Keep up the good work year 5, one final push! 🙂

Electrical experts!

This week has been a fantastic week for Year 5. I would first like to congratulate  the ladies who took part in the samba dancing last weekend. You were all fantastic and I really enjoyed watching it (especially Lori Bayer who stood in last minute)

Once again, we have done amazingly well in CLIC and SAFE this week, even with our hard tests last week, we haven’t let that stop us!

We have been working on our English poems and they are coming along great! We have some fantastic features in there. Can anyone define alliteration, personification, simile and metaphor?

Our play is coming along very well, we can’t wait for you all to see it!


Thank you for another lovely week. Keep up the good work!

Our class blog!

This is a class blog from Year 5.

This week we have done our usual CLIC and SAFE tests and our scores have been fantastic, even though we have had a week off, that hasn’t stopped us!

We took part in a science SAT test and we really enjoyed doing it. We thought some of the questions were a little bit tricky, but we think that we have done really well 🙂

In English this week, we have been looking at poetry, mainly concentrating on vivid descriptions. Our class poem is about a treacherous lion and we are using a thesaurus to help us with our vocabulary. We will comment some of our ideas below.

Can anyone write their own vivid description poem which may rival ours?

We have been rehearsing our play and it is really coming along. We cant wait for you to see it and we think it is really funny.

In French we have been working on the days of the week and the months of the year (we think we have finally cracked the great French accent)

Does anyone think they can write the days of the week in French (don’t cheat or use the internet)


We are very much looking forward to another busy week next week  and reading all of your comments :~)