In English we have been writing a recount of our snow day, making sure that we add in everything we have learnt so far.

In maths we have been continuing our multiplication work and looking at applying it in real life situations.

In science this week we have been looking at materials dissolving into a solution. Can anyone explain the experiment which we did and what we found? (remember to use your scientific vocabulary)

We also had our first swimming lesson this week, well done to everyone, you all did fantastically well and I am excited for next week 🙂

Your costumes were fantastic on world book day (round two) and I had a loevly day, I hope you did too.

See you next week 🙂

Happy snow day!

Hello everyone! I hope you have all been keeping safe and warm this week. It has been a very eventful week and very different to our usual.

Although we missed world book day today, I wonder if anyone would like to comment what their favourite book is or who their favourite author is and why? I would also love to know your costume ideas!

We have started our new English unit this week which is playscripts. We had a fantastic reciprocal reading session earlier this week. Can you comment a word that you needed clarifying and the definition that you found?

We have been re-visiting multiplication too. Can you work the following equation out? (don’t forget your superhero zero)

345 x 78 = ??

Finally, in Topic we have been looking at what made the Romans so powerful, can you remember why the Romans had such a good army?


I hope you all enjoy the snow but keep safe and warm!

Celtic Britain vs Roman Britain.

This week in English we have been continuing our work on parenthesis but we have also been looking at boundaries between clauses.

Can anyone write a sentence with either a colon or a semi-colon in?
For extra points, can you remember what an independent clause is?

In maths we have been looking at ratio this week. I wonder if anyone can answer this ratio question?

A recipe recommends three spoonful’s of flour for every one egg that is used. If 5 eggs are used in the recipe, then how many spoonful’s of flour are needed?

Can you create your own challenge for someone else to complete?

In topic this week, we have been looking at the difference between Celtic Britain and Roman Britain. The Romans made many changes when they came to Britain, can anyone remember what some of these were?

I am looking forward to our last week before half term. We have lots of fun things to do 🙂

Our class blog.

Welcome to our class blog, we have had a very interesting week.
In maths we have been continuing our work on fractions. In particular, we have been concentrating on multiplying whole numbers by mixed number fractions.

We are wondering if anyone can answer the following questions.

12 x 3 ½ =

5 x 6 ¼ =

In English, we have been working on parenthesis and putting this into our own formal letters.

We have missed the punctuation out of the following sentence, can you put it in correctly?

On Monday at midday we did a P.E lesson.

During our science lesson, we have been learning about thermal insulators and thermal conductors. We carried out an experiment in which we were trying to find the best insulating material to keep Mrs Hopkinson’s tea warmer for longer.

Are you able to tell us what a thermal insulator is?

In P.E, we have been working on our basketball and gymnastic skills. We have been practising how to dribble with the ball and in gymnastics, we have been learning how to do different types of rolls.

Can you name three different rolls in gymnastics?

In topic, we have been learning where the Romans came from (on the map Italy looks like Mrs Larkin’s boots) and when they invaded England.

Which city in Italy did the Romans come from?

Our novel is named ‘The pirates of Pompeii’ and it is getting very interesting. The main character has been kidnapped by men wearing masks and we can’t wait to find out what is happening.

What a great week that we have had, we can’t wait for next week.

Really Relative

Hello everyone!

This week we have been working on relative clauses in our English lessons. Which part of the following sentence is the relative clause?

Miss Cottingham, who was feeling really thirsty, decided to get a drink of water.

For extra points can you tell me how you know that it is the relative clause?

In maths we have been working on ordering fractions. Using our golden rule for fractions, can you order the following fractions?

3/4              2/6                 2/3                1/12

We have been doing some research in Topic work, who can tell me some facts that they have discovered?

I am looking forward to next week because we have our trip to Worksop College on Tuesday! I hope you have had a great weekend and you are ready for another busy week.

Happy New Year!!

Welcome back to a brand new year! It is going to be a very exciting one and we have lots of interesting things to do this year.

So far, we have written our very own New Year’s resolutions for our hopes and aspirations for the rest of Year 5. I would love for you to comment some of this underneath.

We have also done our first reciprocal read of 2018. Can anyone remember what the word emanating meant? For bonus points, can you use it in a sentence?

In Maths, we are starting to look at fractions. We have begun discussing equivalent fractions, can you remember what an equivalent fraction is?


I am looking forward to our first full week back! I know it will be a fun and busy one 🙂

I might get into the Christmas spirit this week!

We have had another fantastic week this week. We have been getting into the Christmas spirit a little this week by decorating the classroom with a Christmas tree.

First of all, I would like to say well done to everyone on their CLIC, SAFE and Learn it’s scores this week. We did fantastically well and almost everyone beat their scores from last week!

In English, we have been looking at Modal verbs and Adverbs for possibility. Who can write a sentence with one of these in? (Can anyone spot the modal verb I have used in the title?)

In topic, we have been looking at significant individuals in Viking times. Would anyone like to comment some of the facts that they have learnt?

In science, we have been continuing to study our ‘forces’ topic. Can anyone remember which tissue was the strongest and how we know?

I am looking forward to lots more learning next week, our final full week before Christmas!  🙂

Exploring forces

This week in Maths, we have been using coin cards to do multiplication equations.

Can anyone write a full coin card for the number 45?
Can you use that coin card to work out 65 x 45?

In English, we have written our very own newspaper reports. Would anyone like to comment the headline of their report?

In science, we have looked at using parachutes to explore forces. Why did we find that a paper bag works better as a parachute than pieces of card?

This week, we have also been using collages to make our very own version of a Viking village, they look amazing and everyone has tried so hard with them, well done! 🙂

Amazing Astronomers

Hello Year 5!

We have been very lucky this week because we had he opportunity to attend Outwood Academy Portland’s astronomy event, where we took part in some great activities. Would anyone like to comment what their favourite part of the day was and what they have learnt from it?

We also had a great time celebrating all of our homework projects with our extended golden time, well done again to those who took part 🙂

We have been working hard on factors and common factors this week. Who can find all the factors of these number;

60 and 48

Can you also find the common factors and the highest common factor?

See you all next week 🙂

Vicious Vikings!

We have had another very busy week this week.

I would like to start with a huge congratulations to our three project winners; Barnaby, Ellie and Luca. Your homework projects were absolutely fantastic and you put so much effort into making sure they were great. I would also like to thank and congratulate all the other children who took part in the homework projects, there were some amazing pieces and I was very impressed and proud of them all. I can’t wait to see what you produce next time!

I would also like to say well done to everyone on their CLIC scores today, collectively they have been the best scores that we have had in Year 5 so far, keep it up!

In other news this week, we went on a school trip to the Jorvik Viking  centre in York and we had a great time. Would anyone like to comment what their favourite part of the day was?

I have had a lovely week  and I am excited to see what next week holds for us! Keep up the good work everyone!