Happy Easter!

Hello everyone!

I hope that you have had a great Easter holiday so far.It is not long until we begin our final term of the academic year. We have some very exiting things coming up and we will begin our new topics!

I would love to know what you have all been up to over the holidays?

See you all soon 🙂

A treacherous Monster is the shark

We have concluded our poetry unit this week by writing our very own poems about lots of monstrous animals. You have written some wonderful things Year 5. Would anyone like to comment one of the metaphors that they have used in their poem?

This has been a really busy week, filled with some exciting things. I hope everyone enjoyed their extended Golden time this afternoon. You all deserved it for working so hard on your homework projects. An extra congratulations to the winners across school, you will really enjoy lunch with leaders.

Next week, we have some more exciting things coming up, starting with a Roman day on Monday. I can’t wait to see your outfits.

Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

Homework Projects.

Hello everyone!

Not long until this year’s homework project showcase. I just wanted to post a few links to some cooking recipes to make sure that you all had access to them.

I can wait to see (and taste) your finished products!


Good luck! Remember that the showcase is Wednesday so projects will need to be in school on that day 🙂

World Book Day

Wow! What a fantastic day we have had today, we have done lots of exciting things. We have listened to some extremely exciting stories from Mr littlewood, I wonder if anyone would like to summarise one of them for us? We have also taken part in a live lesson with Year 3 and 4, plus we have read with Year 2 and our grown ups from home. It has been a cram-packed day but we have loved wearing our PJS and relaxing, whilst reading our favourite book.
What was your favourite part of the day?

Percentage challenge!

We have been working on percentages and fractions this week.

Can you name some fraction and percentage equivalents? An example would be;
1/2 = 50%

I also have a challenge for you.

Sarah offered Katy some cake. She said that Katy could either have 30% of the cake, or she could have 2/5 of the cake. Which one would give Katy the most amount of Cake? Explain your answer.

Good luck Year 5.

Our Class Blog.

This is the first class blog of 2019 from all of us in Year 5.
We would like to share all of our learning with you. We hope you have had a lovely week and you enjoy reading this.
In English this week, we have been looking at News Reports. We have read one about a 4-Year-old girl who was lost in a Siberian Forest, and one about a very polluted park. This week, we have been looking at ‘Active voice’ and ‘Passive voice’ too.
Here is an example of a sentence in the Active voice;
Lexi threw the book at Varya.
Can you change this sentence into the Passive voice?
In maths, we have been concentrating on fractions for a while. We have our fraction ‘Learn Its’ which are;
0.25= ¼
0.5 = 1/2
0.75 =3/4
0.1 = 1/10
We have learnt the golden rule of fractions which is; whatever you do to the top, you do to the bottom and whatever you do to the bottom, you do to the top.
We have also been rounding decimal points to the nearest whole number.
Can you solve these questions and round these numbers to the nearest whole number?
3. 6 =
6.7 =
5.06 =
In science, we have been looking at properties of materials and we have been specifically concentrating on thermal insulators and thermal conductors. We know that a thermal insulator is a material which does not allow heat to pass through it easily.
Our topic for R.E is ‘The Old testament’. Here is some facts that we have learnt about it.
There are 39 books in the OT.
There are 27 books in the NT.
We looked at the story of the Dead sea scrolls and the boys who found them. Plus we know that there have been many translations and versions of the bible.

We have done some Geography work too. We looked at the 7 continents, can you name them all?
We also looked at where the Romans came from and where they conquered. They came from Italy, which looks like Mrs Larkin’s boots on the map.
We have had some visitors this week, who came to see us and they asked us lots of great questions. They thought that Priory Academy was brilliant so well done everyone!
Some of us have started our homework projects, we are looking forward to the project check up day, which is after half term. We are wondering if some of the other classes have started their projects too?
Thank you for reading from all of us in Year 5!

Welcome to the new Blog!

Hello everyone!

We have not been on the blog for a while but we are going to be re-launching and getting back on it! I am extremely excited about some of the upcoming things this year including; trips, experience days and hard work.

We are currently working on fractions in maths, which we are finding a little tricky. I wonder if anyone can solve this equation?
1/4 + 1/6 = ?
Don’t forget the golden rule of fractions!

In science, we did an experiment to help Mrs Hopkinson keep her hot drink warmer, for longer at break times. We were looking at thermal conductors and thermal insulators. Can anyone explain what this means?

I look forward to hearing from you all and reading your fantastic comments. Please remember that you can blog on other year group’s blogs too!

Apple week

This week we have continued our multiplication work but some of us have been looking at ‘real life maths’ using our RUCSAC method. What does this stand for? Can you think of a real life maths question for everyone to answer?

Last week was ‘apple week’ in school so we made apple muffins. They were extremely delicious. Can anyone remember all of the ingredients that we used?

In the upcoming week, we are going to be working on our independent pieces of writing for our mystery and suspense sequence. I can’t wait to read your great stories. Does anyone want to share their ideas in the comments below?

John Dougherty.

We have had another fun packed week this week.

In maths we have been doing some great multiplication skills. working on 2D by 2D multiplication.
Can anyone work this question out?
34 x 65 =

We have also made mnemonics about the planets in our solar system. Would anyone like to comment their fun mnemonic which helps them remember the position of the planets in our solar system?

We had a trip to the library this week and it was so fun to meet the author, John Dougherty. Lots of you purchased one of his books, I hope you are having great fun reading them.

I look forward to another great week next week. Our learn its for the upcoming week are 9×6, 9×7 and 9×9, get practising everyone! 🙂

Welcome Back Year 5!

What a fantastic first full week back we have had.
We have started our first English unit which is called ‘A clever way to catch a thief’. We have done a reciprocal reading session on the extract and have clarified some tricky words. Can anyone remember the definitions for these words?

We have also begun our science topic which is Earth and Space. Can anyone tell me a fact that they have learnt in our science lessons so far? Think about the planets in our solar system and the definition of gravity.

On Thursday it was Roald Dahl day and we completed some really fun activities, which included popping candy science with Mr Willy Wonka and using descriptive language to describe our very own giant from the BFG.

I am very much looking forward to the upcoming term and I know we will have lots of fun together. Keep up the hard work Everyone!