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Daily activities 

  • P.E with Joe Wicks, spelling practice,  read and update reading record, 3 read theory quizzes, sumdog multiplication test.

Today’s activities

  • complete sumdog challenge.
  • continue with your topic work from yesterday’s blog
  • Watch the video to help your understanding and complete questions which are below.

Wednesday 25.03.20

Good morning all,

Well done to Braden, Holly, Lily M, Kelan and Lily A for completing the reading challenge that I set for you on sumdog.
Daily tasks include; P.E with Joe, reading for 15 minutes, 3 read theory quizzes, spelling and multiplication task on sum dog.

Braden, Lily Moore, Bowen, and Riley have done lots of quizzes on read theory, well done. Remember, the more questions you get right, the more knowledge points you will gain, so be sure to take your time.

For your weekly spelling test, there is a spelling challenge on sumdog, but I would also like you to ask someone else in your house to test you on your weekly words. Please write your spelling test answers in your purple book so that I can check them when we get back to school.
Your new spelling words are;
re-treat,Retreated, resigned, re-sign, re-enter, re-open, de-ice, co-own, recover, re-cover, temperature, mischievous, queue, embarrass

Topic task
I would like you to complete your topic work which you started in class. You had to research Roman Gods and produce a personal outcome for this. If you were given your piece of paper before you left school last week, you can complete it on there and stick it into your purple book. If you were not given your sheet, you can put this research straight into your purple book.
Please present this with beautiful handwriting.
I would also like a drawing of your favourite Roman God too, again, I would like this to be in your purple book.
By the end of this task, I would like you to be able to name(at least) 6 Roman Gods and tell me what they are the God of.
This task may take a while so this will be part of tomorrow’s work too, along with the challenges and task you will be set.

Here are your Maths questions from The video below ‘How to multiply fractions’ please answer them in your purple book and don’t forget to use your squared lineguide.


I know that this is a really unsettling time for lots of you so I have attached the link to news round to keep you all updated and hopefully put your wonderful minds at a little ease. Keep calm and carry on learning 😊

Here are the timings of it live but you can watch it afterwards too.

9:15 a.m
12:10 p.m
4:00 p.m

Tuesday 24.03.20

P.E with Joe Wicks at 9:00 a.m. I know lots of you took part this morning and really enjoyed it so keep that up. 🙂

Read a book of your choice for 15 minutes and put a daily summary of what you have read in your reading record.
Complete three read theory quizzes and complete the reading challenge that I have set for you on sumdog. Well done to Bowen, Anthony Needham, Lena, Olivia and Braden who are zooming up those knowledge points on read theory.

15 minutes of spelling practice, ask someone in your house to test you on your spellings and see if you can get full marks. Don’t forget to practice your extra spellings too, which you can find on yesterday’s blog.

I will be setting a spelling challenge tomorrow for you to do and it will be on your weekly words with some year 5/6 spelling words in too, so make sure that you are prepared.

There is another times table challenge which is to be completed before Wednesday morning.
Well done to Miley and Mia, your accuracy is the best on our leaderboard, which means that you are really taking care when you are answering the questions.

If you want a little extra work and you are up for a bit of healthy competition, I have also created a competition on sumdog for you to complete. You have until Wednesday morning to do this and I will be checking your results. Let’s see who can be at the top of our leaderboard.

Last week in R.E we studied the story of the prodigal son. I would like you to re-tell this story in your own words. This work needs to be completed in your purple work book. Please write the date and a title at the top of your page. Your title is; Re-tell the story of the Prodigal son.
I would then like you to write a sentence about what you think the moral of the story is. If you aren’t quite sure what the word moral means, make sure you are checking the definition in a dictionary or online.

I hope that you are all keeping safe and enjoying your work. Please keep in contact with me and let me know what you are up to. I am checking the blog regularly and would love to hear from you all.

Monday 23.03.20

Hello Year 5
Here are your first tasks to complete at home. If you have any questions about these tasks, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be regularly checking this blog and will reply to you as soon as I can.

Joe wicks, who some of you have seen before, is doing P.E lessons which you can take part in from home. The lesson starts at 9:00 a.m so make sure you are ready a little before. His YouTube channel is called; Joe Wicks The Body Coach. If you struggle to find this tomorrow, please let me know and I can try and help you for Tuesday.

Your first task is to complete (at least) 15 minutes of reading of a book of your Choice, this can either be your reading book from school or something that you have at home. I would then like you to fill this into your reading record and write a brief summary of what you have read. I would also like you to complete 3 read theory quizzes. I have been checking the leader board and Braden is zooming ahead, and Lena and Olivia have made good progress too. Keep getting those knowledge points!

I would like you to practice your weekly spelling words which you were given last week for 15 minutes, plus I am going to give you 5 new words to add onto that. These words are from the year 5/6 spelling list and you will have come across them before.
The words are;
Muscle, rhythm, accommodate, conscience, existence.
You will be tested on the year 5/6 spelling words when we get back to school so make sure you learn them well.
I would also like you to practice your handwriting by copying down a part of a Roman poem, which I have pasted on this blog. This needs to be done in your purple book And don’t forget to use your line guide.

The Romans used to rule the world
A long long time ago.
They came from Rome in Italy
And spoke Latin, don’t you know.

They were a great civilization
But also, as we shall see,
Roman rule could be harsh and cruel
Let’s find out more, shall we?

Julius Caesar
You’ll often hear about him in
A book, movie, or ballad.
He’s the most famous Roman.
He even has a salad!

Yes, Caesar was a great man, but
He met a nasty end.
Stabbed, on the Ides of March,
In the back by a friend.

I have created a sum dog challenge for you all to complete. It is based on what we have been doing in our maths lessons so some of you have rounding work to complete and others have some shape work to complete. Please ensure that you take your time when you answer these questions as I will be checking for accuracy upon completion. I am also going to be setting daily multiplication challenges so please ensure that these are completed too.

If you are worried or confused about any of this, please don’t hesitate to get in contact, I will reply as soon as I can. I hope you all enjoy these tasks and complete them to the best of your ability like the Priory people you are.
Keep yourselves and your families safe and keep me posted on what you are up to.

Testing, testing…1…2..3

Hello Year 5.
This blog post is just to check that you are able to get onto it and you are able to leave comments for me to see.

Whilst we are here though… let’s see what you remember from today. I will leave some vocabulary below from your science lesson and I would like you to define them. See if you can use examples of them from our experiment earlier.


See you tomorrow!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back Year 5. I hope that you have all had a lovely break over Christmas. I am very excited to get back to work and see what we can achieve in 2020.
I hope that you are very excited to start our new topics, we will be learning lots about the Romans and about properties of materials in science.
We will also begin work on fractions in maths, whilst continuing to discover more about Robinson Crusoe’s diary.

See you all soon!