For this term’s homework projects, we would love for you to create a river feature out of papier mache. This could be a meander (the bend in the river), an oxbow lake (a lake formed by the river changing course), a waterfall, rapids or something else! Here are some examples of what other people have created to give you some inspiration.

Back to reality…

Now that our fantastic performance has ended, it is time to resume our exciting learning. This week, Mr Fletcher will be teaching us all about fractions and we will start a new topic in English, based on metaphors and similes.

I wonder if anyone could post the definitions of a metaphor and simile, including an example for both?

We will be looking further into our topic on Early Islamic Civilisation and trying to find ways to help Shaharazad be freed from the evil Sultan!

Could anyone write a paragraph for a story to help her?

Year 3 and 4 performance.

I hope every one is having a super break, I know I am!

As you are aware, the years 3 and 4 performance of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table is on Thursday 26th April. For this, we ask for the following costumes to be provided:

Narrators:  Black school trousers, white school shirt, blazer and bow tie

Morgan Le Fay:  Plain black long dress or black long sleeved top and black skirt

Guinevere:  Long floaty dress

Villagers:  Brown trousers and a white school shirt

Arthur:  Black school trousers, a white school shirt and a grey pillow case.

Lady:  Long plain dress

Pink knights: Black leggings and an oversized plain black shirt and ‘bling’ (gold chain necklace, rings, bracelets).

Arthur’s knights: White shirts, grey pillowcase and black or grey school trousers

Dragon: Black school trousers/leggings and a plain, bright t-shirt (orange, green, neon etc.)

Elaine: Dressing gown and fluffy slippers

Merlin: black leggings and a sparkly top, a wizard cape

All other roles: black trousers or leggings and a black t-shirt


Please could we have the costumes in school, by Wednesday 18th April.

Many thanks.

Y3/4 Team

The Year 3 and Year 4 performance will take place on Thursday 26th April 2018 at 10:15am, 2pm and 6pm. For the evening performance, your child will need to be at school for no later than 5:30pm. We would kindly ask that you provide a costume for your child.

Have an eggcellent Easter

Over the Easter break, I have set some work for you to do at home:


Don’t eat too many chocolate eggs so that you’re sick


Remember the value of Easter, and why we celebrate


Play outside with family and friends


Go for a walk to find some daffodils


Try one new thing (this might be eating Brussels sprouts, practising your spellings, cooking for your family or even tidying your bedroom!)


Smile more 😃


Enjoy yourself and keep safe!


Have a lovely break, I would love to hear all about what you are getting up to!

Who said that?!

This week, Year 4 have been looking at direct speech with Mrs Hermiston. We have punctuated it using inverted commas and used reporting clauses.

I’ve forgotten how to do it, so I wondered if you could help me?

I hope this is right, “Miss Taylor thought”.

“Direct speech is quite tricky, Miss Taylor exclaimed, there are too many things to remember.”

“Who can help me”? asked Miss Taylor, with caution in her voice.

We like to learn it, learn it!

Last week, we were looking at the bus stop method for division. Lots of us were struggling because we don’t know our times tables as well as we should!

Who can come up with a good way of remembering your multiplication facts?

Can anyone set a challenge to help us learn them?

Our learn-its this week are the 11x tables, how do we remember those?

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2018 everybody. I hope you have had a magical Christmas and haven’t eaten to much chocolate!! Hopefully, all of the good news I gave to Santa meant he came to visit you on the big day too.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year full of fun and adventures!

Has anyone made any New Year’s resolutions?

Mine is to go to bed on time! And Winston’s is to cause more mischief!!
Post yours below…