Our topic in Science this half term is sound. Can you share some facts you have learnt about sound?

In English, we are learning about autobiographies. What is an autobiography? Could you share some facts that would go in a biography about someone famous?

Our Learn Its this week are
9 x 2 = 18
9 x 3 = 27
9 x 4 = 36

Features of a river

Year 4 learnt some new key words for their rivers topic this week.
What features of a river have you learnt about and can you explain them?

We have had Mr Littlewood back in year 4 this week to tell us the story of Ali Baba. Can you retell the story? What was your favourite part?

Our Learn Its this week are
8 x 10 = 80
8 x 11 = 88
8 x 12 = 96
I’ll find a new song for our new times table next week!

How sound travels.

Some of you have already shared your ideas for your homework project, what different landmarks are you thinking of creating?

In Science we learnt how sound travels. What did you find out?

On Friday, Year 4 had their class prize and watched Matilda whilst sipping on hot chocolate and enjoying cakes, cookies and flapjacks! Well done on reaching your class prize!

Our Learn Its this week are:
8 x 7 = 56
8 x 8 = 64
8 x 9 = 72


This half term we are looking at the story ‘Stowaway’. We are reading about Captain Francis Drake’s travels to the Indies on the Pelican with Dickon and Tib. In your own words, can you write a short story about what has happened so far? Don’t forget fronted adverbials!

Our new topic this term is Rivers. Can you share a new fact about a river from Monday’s lesson?

Our Learn Its this week are:
8 x 4 = 32
8 x 5 = 40
8 x 6 = 48

The Easter Story

We have been very busy in year 4 these last two weeks. We have been practising our Easter performance, ready for Tuesday, and when we have been back in class we have been writing up the story for our Priory’s All Write.

Last week, we were looking at fractions of amounts in class. Can you answer these word problems?

  1. I threw away 44 Kg of rubbish, but recycled 1/4 of it.  How much rubbish did I recycle?
  2. 2. There is 72 ml of pop in my bottle, but I spill 2/6  of it – how much do I spill?
  3. A shark chases 85  fish, and eats 2/5 of them – how many get away?

Persuasive writing

In English and Topic this week we created an advert. What does a successful advert have in it? Could you give any examples? Could you persuade someone to buy something really ordinary, like a pen, by being really persuasive?

In History this week we found out a lot more about the House of Wisdom. What facts can you share?

Our Learn Its are:

7 x 7 = 49

8 x 7 = 56

9 x 7 = 63