Fab Times Tables

It has been a very busy week in year 4.

In Science we have been learning about pitch and volume and how sound travels. What experiment did we conduct in class? What did you find out about vibrations?

In our knowledge lessons we have looked at some of the Monarchs from our past. Can you remember any facts about past Monarchs?

We have been practising our times tables a lot in year 4 and it is wonderful to see the progress made. Keep it up!

Welcome back

Welcome back after your two weeks off!
What did you get up to over the holidays?

Our Eden Camp trip is on Friday, I hope you’re looking forward to it.

What facts can you share about the WW2 planes and ships we have learnt about in our knowledge lessons? I’m hoping to see some amazing fact files in English.

Who can answer these Maths questions?

1. 2/5 of 35?

2. 2/3 of 27?

3. 4/7 of 49?

Black History Month

It has been a busy week in Year 4!
Why do we celebrate Black History Month? What have year 4 done this week for Black History Month? You could retell the story.

This week, half of year 4 took part in a times table competition with Gamston and St. Swithuns. What did you enjoy doing most in the competition?

What have you learnt in this week’s knowledge lesson?


In English, we are looking at diary entries. What must we use in a diary entry? What will you write about in your diary entry?

In Maths, we are looking at multiples. What is a multiple?
Q1. What is the multiple of 6 before 103?
Q2. What is the multiple of 7 before 109?

Our Learn Its this week are:
1 x 7 = 7
2 x 7 = 7
3 x 7 = 7


In Science this week we have learnt about circuits.
What makes a complete circuit?
How do you know a circuit doesn’t work?

Last week was apple week and year 4 made apple and cinnamon muffins. Did you enjoy baking? What ingredient made the muffins rise?

During our knowledge lesson last week, we looked at 10 UK landmarks. Can you recall any of them?

Our Learn Its this week are:
6 x 11 = 66
6 x 12 = 72


This week we have looked at evacuation. What did you learn from the textbooks? How would you feel to be an evacuee?

In Maths, we have looked at multiplication word problems. Who can answer these?
Q1 At a theme park, 592 people each paid an £8 entrance fee. How much did the park make from these people?

Q2. Chocolate : 32p Lolly : 26p
I buy 6 chocolate bars and 9 lollies. How much money will I have left from £5.00?

Our Learn Its this week are
6 x 8 = 48
6 x 9 = 54
6 x 10 = 60

Knowledge lessons

At the end of last week, Year 4 had their first knowledge lesson. What can you remember from that lesson?

This week we have looked at the allies and axis of WW2. Can you explain what they are?

Year 4 are creating stories about beloved pets that go missing. What happens in your story?

Our Learn Its this week are
6 x 5 = 30
6 x 6 = 36
6 x 7 = 42

Welcome back year 4!

Welcome back to a new school year! I hope you had a fantastic summer.
What did you do?

We are starting off the new year learning about World War 2. We’ve already had a visitor talk to us about how the war started and some of you have been learning facts from your knowledge organiser.
What can you share about WW2?

Our Learn Its this week are
6 x 2 = 12
6 x 3 = 18
6 x 4 = 24

Blue Planet

This week in our topic lesson we have learnt all about sea life and plastic pollution.

Year 4 learnt a lot from several videos, can you answer these questions?

What animals suffer from plastic pollution?
How do they suffer?
What can we do to help our oceans?

What other facts from the video have you learnt about our blue planet?