Chemistry visit

Yesterday, we had some visitors from Worksop College. They did some Science

demonstrations with us. They focused on Chemistry.

One of the demonstrations was looking at atoms in 12g of Carbon. Atoms are tiny building blocks that everything is made out of, even you! We found out that if the atoms in 12g of Carbon were pringles they would go to the sun and back 6 billion times. There were 6 (23 0’s) atoms in the tube of 12g of Carbon.

If you pour two chemicals (that are made up from atoms) into a container, they can change colour and glow in the dark.

They also showed us a demonstration using balloons. Each balloon had a different chemical or mix of chemicals (hydrogen and oxygen). When an open flame (fire) went near to the balloon they exploded and made a huge bang! The balloon with the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen made the loudest bang.

Ted sprayed some chemicals into the bunsen burner flame, which changed colours. He also burnt some magnesium which made a bright white light and some iron which looked like a firework. This was then called iron oxide.

In a container, there were some chemicals which were mixed by KS1 children. When a flame went near, the chemicals set on fire and the atoms rearranged. This meant that the flame change colour and made a whooosh sound.

If a chemical reaction has taken place, it is an irreversible change, which means the product cannot be separated into its original state.

Accelerated Reading.

Well, this week has been another fabulous week full of fun and learning. We have started some exciting work on Newspapers with Mr Fletcher and can label all of the different parts! Can anyone remind me what features newspapers have?

In Maths, we have been looking at multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. We are getting there, but some of us are being let down by our lack of times table knowledge so an effort to learn all of your times tables at home would be superb!

We have also started a new exciting reading challenge named Accelerated Read. We will be reading books and taking quizzes, when we finish them based on the content and key vocab. We will also be in competition with Year 3 to see which class can read the most words each half term! More information will follow on this, but we can already say that the children are enthused and love the challenge!

Knowledge Organiser.

Our topic this term will be World War II. Today, I will be sending home a knowledge organiser, which looks like the one above, for all of Year 4 to use. It outlines the key information that we will be learning throughout the topic and we encourage children to use it at home to learn the facts as quick recall (as quickly as they know their names). At the end of the topic, there will be a multi-choice quiz, with all the answers coming from the knowledge organiser. If you would like to extend your learning at home, you could use this as a base to create your own quizzes and research the key terms.


Projects will be coming out shortly, these will be linked to the topic and the knowledge organiser.

Welcome to year 4!

Already in Year 4, we have had LOADS of fun! We welcomed back a new/old member of our class and he has settled in really well.

Another new face we have seen, is Mr Fletcher and we are excited to start working with him in class.

On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to see the Tour of Britain, which is multi-stage bike race. (That means it is done in lots of sections). When we were watching it, the police officers on motorbikes ‘high-fived’ us all!

On Thursday afternoon, we started our English learning by doing reciprocal reading on our text. It is a diary written by a girl called Meena on her holidays, there is a big surprise at the end. Afterwards, we performed freeze frames to show the text in action.

Shhhh! Don’t tell Mr Abbott but we’ve played some get to know you games as well!

Today we have completed our CLIC challenges and made factfiles about ourselves using number problems as answers.

What was your favourite part of the week?
Who can tell me any more information about what we have done?
Can anyone set us a challenge to complete?

Our amazing trip.

First of all, we got our things ready to go to the river including our inhalers, clipboards and pencils. Next, we got into two groups and went to the minibus. Then, we were off!

Arriving at the river, we walked over a bridge, which was also a bridleway. At the top of the bridge, we observed the river and talked about what it looked like, the flow of the river and where in the river course we were. After our chat, we walked for over a mile along the river bank. On the way, we saw lot’s of nature including beautiful dragonflies, buzzy bumblebees and huge pigs. When we finally reached Mr Abbott and Mrs Brown, we were exhausted!

On the second bridge, we completed a river profile on the cross section of the River Maun. Who can tell me how we did this?

After lunch, we got soaked by lots of cars at the ford in Rufford. This was so much fun! Even Miss Taylor and Mr Abbott got wet!

Who can tell me what they learnt from our wonderful trip?


Well, we’re over half way through our half term holiday – doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! I hope you are all enjoying your break as much as I am. Who can tell me what they are getting up to?

Do you remember when we had some visitors in Year 4, taking photographs for the LifeSavers scheme? Well, here is a link to their website. See if you can spot anyone you know… (We might need to get some autographs signed when we get back!)

On that note, who can comment on what it means to be a LifeSaver? Is it important to save money? If so, why is it important to save money? Are you saving for anything exciting?

Snug reciprocal reading.

In Year 4 today, we have been reading ‘Snug’ by Michael Morpurgo to start off our new English unit.

We have been excellent at predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising. Ruby even led the session for us, which she did fantastically.

Who can offer a summary of the text so far? Or perhaps could predict what they think might happen next…