Summer term project

This term, we would like you to create a model of Stonehenge, a cave or an Iron Age hillfort. We would like you to create these in paper mache. You only need to create one model for the showcase, so please do not try to make all three!

Below are some examples of Stonehenge, caves and Iron Age hillforts. There are also examples of what they might look like finished.

Have a look at these websites:

How to make a papier mache cave

Any questions, please ask!

We went back in time…

All the way to the Stone Age! Our topic launch was very ‘hands on’ and we really enjoyed both the morning and afternoon session. In the morning, we told a story through cave paintings and in the afternoon, we built Stonehenge using biscuits and icing sugar!

Can you tell me what you already know about the stone age? This could be from our topic launch or our topic lesson we had this week.

Test your knowledge

Well done to everyone who participated in our Spring Term projects. Your work was lovely and of very high quality. I enjoyed our carnival celebration with parents!

Even though we worked hard on those projects, we must not forget about our Knowledge Organisers. You have been set a challenge this upcoming week to show me what you know on the blog by posting some facts about Weather, Climate & Brazil from your Knowledge Organisers. Why don’t you ask a question for a friend to answer?

In addition to this, maybe you could answer these questions:

  • What is the capital of Brazil?
  • Define the word ‘climate’
  • What climate zone is Brazil in?
  • Tell me two countries that border Brazil.

If you cannot find your Knowledge Organiser, click on the picture to enlarge it!

World Book Day 2018

Today we celebrated World Book Day and what a wonderful day it has been.

You all dressed up in super costumes and some of you were unrecognisable as your favourite book character.

We read with some of our little friends from FSU and we were really mature and sensible, thank you.

Please don’t forget to carry on reading and filling in your bookmarks for next Thursday.

30 days hath…

We are back into the swing of learning and today we looked at the number of days in a month, to extend our knowledge of how the year is arranged.

We learned a rhyme to help us learn the amounts of days in each month and also a trick using our knuckles. Can you answer my question, using the methods we learned today:

In total, how many days are there in January and October?

We also discussed some reasons as to why February has less days than any other month. Perhaps you could research the answer to this and post on the blog?

Wonderful Weather

On Friday, we are visiting Perlethorpe as part of our topic learning. During the trip, we will be learning more about wind, sunshine, clouds, weather and climate and even more.

Even though we have already started to look at some of these in our class learning, I would like you to read your knowledge organiser before the trip, so we can really show the staff at Perlethorpe how much we know already! Post on here any facts or any questions that we could ask.


This week so far

This week, we have been playing some fun games in maths to help us with our 4x times tables (Scarlett kindly offered to be the ‘quiz master’ and wore the basket on her head!) What has been your favourite game we have played this week? Could you think of a way we could adapt our games to get even quicker at recalling those important facts?

Also, in our RE learning, we have been looking at Puja, the Hindu form of worship. Can you tell me a key word that you learned from this session? Or even a question that you could ask others to answer?


Challenge time

Here are your blogging challenges for this week.

In English we are writing a letter to send to Mrs Adshead, telling her about our time in Y3 so far. For the challenges, can you tell me the odd one out?

A plane, an explosion, a bow, an leg.

Also can you create a sentence using the conjunctions; although, so, if, when?

An extra challenge is to come up with something that might help us learn our 4x tables. This might be a jingle, a game or a trick to help us remember those difficult ones we are struggling with.

Enjoy your weekend.

Success-ful criteria

Next week, we are going to be finishing our unit of work in English by writing our own independent myth.

We have tried hard to follow our success criteria and we will continue to do the same next week.

Your blogging challenge is to post:

  • A sentence using an apostrophe for possession
  • A sentence using inverted commas
  • A sentence using the present perfect tense
  • A sentence that uses a ? and a sentence that uses an !

Perhaps you could think of the mythical creature you will write about next week and the ailment it has?

Signatures are up for grabs.