Mary Anning

In our science lesson this week, we have been looking at fossils and the fascinating way they are created. We also looked at paleontologists and a very famous person called Mary Anning.

Do some independent research about Mary Anning or fossils and share some fun facts on the blog.

Our new topic

We are ready to look at the last topic of year 3 which is the Stone Age.

Last week, we introduced the Stone Age through our topic launch and I hope that you enjoyed the activities.

What are you looking forward to learning in this topic? Remember, we have a fun trip planned to Creswell Crags too later on in the term.

Down in the rainforest

In our topic work this week, we are learning more about the rainforest and I have been thinking about what it would be like to be deep in the Amazon.

I have been thinking about what it would be like right on the  forest floor, where it would be dark. I wonder what animals I would find there?

I have also been thinking about climbing a tall tree up to the canopy layer. What animals might I see on my way up to the top?


24 Acts for the 40 days of Lent

In Y3, we have started our 40 day challenge to complete 24 acts and we are well under way with this. Some of you have already completed one or more activity from the list!

These can be done in any order, so this week we have tried to remember to say thank you to someone who helps us, hold the door open for someone and ask an adult in school if you can help them.

I would love to hear how you are getting on with these at home. A picture of you and your family doing these activities would be great to see if at all possible.

Have you already completed some of these activities? Which activity might be the hardest for you to complete?

Who is the biggest bookworm?

We are fast approaching World Book Day!

On Thursday, we will be sharing stories all day, so to get us in the mood, I would like you to tell me some of your favourite stories.

Maybe it is a story that we have read this year such as Tiger Dead! Tiger Dead! or Harry the Poisonous Centipede or maybe it is a book that you have at home or one you are currently reading from the class library.

Take it away!

Saci Perere

Wow, what a wonderful afternoon we had with Mr Littlewood, who told us a story about Saci Perere. What can you remember from this story and about the character of Saci?

Mr Littlewood asked you to create your own story using some characters and a situation in which Saci caused some mischief. We read our stories out loud and I loved how creative these were!

Share on the blog your Saci Perere story.

What is important to you?

There is a lot of learning to fit in this week before half term, so I hope that you are ready to work hard.

Keep learning those important facts from the 4x table. This week, our Learn Its are still:

4 x 4 = 16

5 x 4 = 20

6 x 4 = 24

Our RE learning this week will focus on the things that we consider important. What three things are the most important to you? Can you justify your reasons?

Have you ever sent a letter?

This week in our English learning, we are looking at letters (not the ones in the alphabet!) but the ones you would send in the post.

I have some questions that I think some of you could answer:

  • Why do people send letters?
  • What is in a letter?
  • Have you ever sent a letter and why did you send it?

We are still using hit the button for work on our 3x tables so try playing on this at home.

Our Learn Its are:

1 x 4 = 4

2 x 4 = 8

3 x 4 =12

Weston Park & Knowledge Organiser

What a very busy week we have had in Y3.

On Tuesday, we visited Weston Park Museum as part of our topic. What was your favourite part of the day? I enjoyed listening to all your incredible knowledge. You really did impress the staff at the museum.

Perhaps some of this came because you have looked at your knowledge organiser. I would like you to post on here a fact from it.