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stonehengeToday we started to look at Stonehenge as part of our topic work about the Stone Age.

Could you research and post some facts about Stonehenge?
Maybe you could post a question about it for someone else to answer

You can also keep adding to this post as we learn more about in class.

Keep the posts coming please Year 3 – I am getting lonely on here!!!

Can you ‘measure’ up to the challenge?

Over the last two days we have been practising converting measures.
We have looked at (and applied) how many mm make cm, cm make m, m make km, g make kg and ml make l.

Here is a link to a game that requires you to use this knowledge – see how far you can get and how quick you can do it! Why not try to beat your own score…

You could post some of your own questions based on the facts for others to answer or let us know how you have got on with the game (no cheating!!!)

It’s all in the past!

historyLast week we looked at timelines as we began our learning about The Stone Age. We looked at BC and AD dates and how to work out which ones came first and where we would place them on a timeline.
I would like to set you two challenges…

1) Can you put these periods of history in chronological (time) order, looking carefully at their dates.
a) The Victorians 1837 – 1901
b) The Bronze Age 3000BC
c) The Tudors 1485 – 1603
d) The Great Fire of London 1666
e) The Stone Age (Neolithic period) 10,000BC
f) The Romans 43AD

2) Can you find out how long ago the Stone Age period was? When did it end? How many periods was it split into?

This week’s Learn Its…

Our learn Its this week are part of our 3 x table.
We have practised the multiples of 3 by chanting them and playing different games and for the next two weeks we are concentrating on
7 x 3 = 21
8 x 3 = 24
9 x 3 = 27

If you know these facts, what else do you know?
Could you post some questions using the facts for others to answer – you could use word problems, missing box questions, changing the thing…

Let’s get blogging…

Are you a winner?


Following this morning’s visit from Sarah and Mr Brown, you now have the opportunity to win one of the green or orange scarves that they have kindly donated to school. In order to win one, post a summary to explain what you learnt this morning about working in a Veterinary Practice.
Can you remember what qualities Mr Brown said you would need? What did he say was the most important thing to think about when you are choosing your career? Do you remember what he said were the best and worst parts of the job? Scarves will be awarded on a first come, first served basis so get you will need to get blogging quickly!

Can we learn it? …. Of course we can!!!

The learn Its for the next 2 weeks in Year 3 are
5 + 7 = 12
5 + 8 = 13
5 + 9 = 14

Could you post some facts or questions/answers based on these Learn Its? Maybe you could put them into word problems or ‘change the thing’.
I will start you off…

If I know 5 + 9 = 14, I know that 14 – 9 = 5.
Word problem = There were 5 children in the swimming pool. 9 more children got in so there were 14 children in the swimming pool altogether.
Changing the thing = 5cm + 9cm =14cm or
50 (5 tens) + 90 (9 tens) = 140 (14 tens)

Over to you! Try to read other people’s ideas and make your own something different if you can (please don’t get carried away with 0s (place holders) though)

Weather or whether?

On Friday we were looking at some examples of ‘HOMOPHONES’ – words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings.

There are lots of examples of these words e.g. bare and bear, hear and here, right and write, be and bee…

I wonder if you could post some of your own examples of homophones?  Maybe you could put them into two different sentences to show your understanding of each one?  I will start you off…

It was so dark in the cinema, Bella could not see where her friend was sitting.

I love to watch the boats sailing on the waves in the calm, blue sea.

Over to you… 🙂

Maths Challenge – Where’s Mully

mullyThis week we have practised using our times tables and multiples knowledge to find where Mully is hiding.

I am going to start you off with one to solve and then I would like you to post your own for other people to try to answer. Please keep to the multiples of 2,3,4,5 or 10 and do not go past the 12th multiple!


I am hiding behind the biggest multiple of 5.
I do not go past 27.
Where am I hiding?

Is Big maths a huge success?

big mathsHello Year 3!

We are well and truly up and running with our new maths system ‘BIG maths’ now.

I think that it is really good and that it is helping parts of maths make a lot more sense but I would like to know what you think?
What are your thoughts and opinions? Do you have a favourite part? What have you learnt from it?  What do you enjoy?
I would love to hear your views so get posting…