Tuesday 24.03.20

Hello everyone.

How are you all today? Happy Birthday Blake! Have a great day. William and Daniel, did you enjoy your birthdays?

Here are your tasks for today.

  • Do the Joe Wicks Youtube Workout. This was very successful yesterday and lots of you joined in (make sure your parents join in too!)
  • I have set another multiplication times table challenge on Sumdog. Well done to Archie and Chelsea on your challenge from yesterday. You scored 100% accuracy, meaning you answered everything correct! Who else is aiming for top of the leader board today?
  • There is also a reading challenge on Sumdog. Layla and Maisy tried some reading on Sumdog yesterday and did amazing! Do your 15 minutes of daily reading as well.
  • Please log onto Big Maths and complete your SAFE challenge only. Your Pin Code is 0129. Your Username is firstname.lastname (Mr.Anderson) and your Password is Priory1.
  • With your spellings, play hangman and show a family member how we visualise (forwards and backwards) using your weekly spellings – it is test day tomorrow!
  • Yesterday you should have written down four facts about some extreme weather. Today I would like you to write down four places where your extreme weather happens. For example, if you have chosen to write about hurricanes, where in the world do these happen? Research this and make sure you write the country and continent. If you can, find out what the climate is normally like in that country.
  • Please observe the clouds using the Cloud Chart again today. Do you see any change from yesterday? Let me know on the blog the names of the clouds.

Once you have finished your work, don’t forget to enjoy the rest of the day with your family.

Keep me posted!

Mr Anderson 🙂

34 thoughts on “Tuesday 24.03.20

  1. What do you do on hang man do you show them your words then write —these down and they try and guess the word. Can we do the rest of our things or shall we wait until it’s 9:00 and do Joe Wicks workout

    1. Good Morning Layla. Play hangman with your spelling words in your target book. Choose a word and see if a family member can guess the correct letters. You can do anything in any order and be ready to start Joe Wicks at 9.

  2. Yesterday the clouds cirrocumulus clouds and today the clouds are not any of them they are very very light or they could be cirrus

  3. Hey mr Anderson with jasmine not being here I dont know how she getting on with sumdog just wondering if u could let me know please

  4. Can someone Please fbook me the cloud chart please as we don’t seem to have 1 an the ones on my Google search just say broken clouds or full clouds an not the names you guys are using ! And just so you all know & feel sorry for me… I could pull teeth easier than getting Flynn to work at home 🙁 haha we have been at it hours … Please tell me I’m not the only one !!

    1. Hello. Sorry that it has not been as easy to access today.
      If you hover over the word Cloud Chart on the original blog I posted, it should be in red. If you click the words then the cloud chart should open up on your computer.
      Please let me know if this works or if I can help more.

    1. Hello.
      It seems that Jasmine has been working hard on Sumdog today! She has answered 59 questions and 56 of these were correct.
      Well done Jasmine keep it up!

    1. Hi Layla,
      Do you have any lined paper at home that you could write on then we can stick it in your purple workbook?

  5. Hi Mr Anderson, I had the best birthday and got 3 hot wheels and i baked a cake with lots of sweets and my mummy did a treasure hunt and hided all my presents. Me and dad built a rollercoaster with my knex.

    i am doing my work and I have drawn some cloud pictures.


    1. Wow, William, it sounds like you have had a great birthday. I am glad to hear that you still got to do some fun things. Enjoy the rest of your day.

    1. Hello 🙂 Which comment is it that is not showing up? I have replied with an update about Jasmine’s learning on Sumdog. I will copy it again here:

      It seems that Jasmine has been working hard on Sumdog today! She has answered 59 questions and 56 of these were correct.
      Well done Jasmine keep it up!

  6. Oscars done his work. Is Oscar doing his sumsdog right, we’ve been at work whilst he’s been doing his work so just making sure he’s doing it right. Thanks

    1. Oscar is doing great on Sumdog. His accuracy today is 97%, meaning he only got one question wrong. Keep up the hard work Oscar.

  7. Hi Mr Anderson have I been doing good on sumdog and I’ve done all my work for today plus I’ve done the maths you’ve put on. Stay safe!

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