Welcome back to the blog!

Hello Year 3 and welcome to the blog.

Over the next few weeks, the blog will be used as a ‘virtual classroom’ for us all to use.

I will post on here with tasks and activities that you can complete at home in your purple workbook. Please check the blog every morning for the day’s tasks. Some of the activities I would like you to complete are:

  • Reading for at least 15 minutes per day. The books that you read might be the books from school or any other text you have at home. I would love to hear what you are reading.
  • Weekly spellings. You can still use your target book to complete these. Try some of the fun ways to learn your spellings from the list in your target book!
  • Most of the learning you will do will be completed on Sumdog. Please logon here as soon as possible and complete the initial tests. I will set tasks on here for you to complete. I can already see Archie has been working hard on here 😊
  • CLIC/SAFE/Learn It challenges. I will tell you when I would like these challenges doing online. You should know your login, but I will post this when it is time to complete your first challenge.
  • English/handwriting tasks. I will post these on the blog. Please use your line guide and your purple workbook.
  • Topic/research tasks. I will post these on the blog.

I will begin setting work for you to complete on Monday so please check back then for another update.

You can use the blog at any time and I will be checking it regularly to answer any questions. Please use the blog to let me know how you all are and if you need me, shout up on here.

Stay safe and I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr Anderson 😊

16 thoughts on “Welcome back to the blog!

  1. Hey jasmine mum
    Jasmine is with her dad at moment and she is struggling to get on Sumdog how do I get on it sort bit slow today 🤣

    1. Hello.
      In the front of her purple workbook, all the log in details are there for her, along with the website for her to log on. If you can check that and see if everything is there 🙂

    1. Hello Archie 🙂 Have you been on sumdog today? It says that you have answered 109 questions correctly today! That’s impressive!

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