Climate zones around the world

This week in our geography learning, we have been looking at climate zones around the world. The four main climates we know are:

  • Polar
  • Temperate
  • Desert
  • Tropical

The website below gives us lots of information about these and other fun facts. Choose a country and tell me about its climate and anything else you find interesting!


7 thoughts on “Climate zones around the world

  1. hi mr Anderson i remember some things about climate and about ancient egypt and brazil. like the amazon rainforest is the largest river running through.

    1. Tell me something from your knowledge organiser about the Victorians.
      We are half way through our study of weather and Brazil. We will soon visit Perlethorpe!

  2. Hi Mr Anderson, are you having a nice holiday?
    Also I can help Dylan with his topic at the moment, and our topic at the minute is Victorians it is a very fun and interesting topic

    1. Hi Ellena,

      My holiday was lovely, how was yours?

      That would be great if you could help Dylan in any way that you can! He is working hard in Y3 though and is trying in all our lessons 🙂

      Keep up the hard work.

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