Wonderful weather!

This week in our topic lesson, we have been looking at some key words to do with the weather such as; precipitation, visibility, temperature and sunshine. I would like you to look at a weather report, google weather in the UK, and see if you can see any of these words or others from our topic lesson.



These are good websites to look at.

Here is your knowledge organiser for this term. You can stick this in your target book on Monday.


4 thoughts on “Wonderful weather!

  1. Hi Mr Anderson I looked at http://www.bbc weather .co.uk and it said at the weekend it’s going to get drier and sunny and at night it is going to be frosty and icy it will also be frigid night and day. We could also have some Icy patches across southern and east as well as north.In London on Monday it will be cloudy and sunny and 7 degrees .On Tuesday it will be cloudy and 8 degrees.On Wednesday it will be cloudy and 9 degrees.On Thursday it will be cloudy and 10 degrees.On Friday it will be cloudy and 9 degrees.There will be a lot of dry weather.
    Have a great weekend Mr Anderson.

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