Welcome to Key Stage Two!

I must say Y3, I have had a wonderful week with you all. I have ended each day with a smile on my face because you have all shown me how hard you can work and how good your behaviour can be. Well done.

Lots of things are different in key stage two, and it might take us a while to get used to how things work, but you are already on the right tracks. I know that you must feel very grown up with your new reading records and target books and I am already seeing good work in these.

What are you looking forward to the most about being in Key Stage Two and Year 3?

13 thoughts on “Welcome to Key Stage Two!

  1. Hi mr Anderson I’m liking year 3 I think your a great teacher . Today I liked are art because we had to sketch fruit and vegetables but make a face and I’m looking foward to tricky math and tricky challenges ☺️😇 have a nice weekend

    1. Hi Layla,

      What a lovely comment. I know that you will be great in Y3 (and throughout the whole of KS2!)

      I’m glad you liked our Giuseppe Arcimboldo art work. Next week, we will try sketching the fruits and vegetables onto a face!

    1. Hi Archie,

      I’m glad to hear that you can’t wait to start the work on pharaohs. Do you already know the names of any famous pharaohs?

  2. Hello Mr Anderson how are you doing in with your new class ? I hope your class is behaving for you 🙂 ive got to go now bye !

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