Parts of a flower


Carrying on from our plants and flower learning this term, I have found a website that I think you might like. It gives more information about the different parts of a flower. We have looked at:

  • stamen
  • stigma
  • style

Can you remember which parts of the flower are male and which parts are female?

Tell me below.

Here is the website

26 thoughts on “Parts of a flower

  1. the male part of the flower is the stamen and the female part is the sigma and the style holds up the stigma

    1. Hi Mr Anderson we have done our spelling assessments.We are
      having fun . Learning about different things with different teaches.

  2. Mr Anderson I hope you are having a great time with the year 6’s. We have been doing 2 kinds of spelling assesments, one was sentences and one was just one word at a time.

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  4. Have you had a nice time with year 6 at camp.

    what have you done with year 6 the past 3 days?

    we have done some spellings and i got 10-10

    we have done the sentenes and Archie got 71.

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