What can you remember?

Wow, I can’t believe that it is nearly the end of another year.

I have been thinking about all the fun that we have had and all of the learning that has taken place. We have looked at three topics in history and geography; Ancient Egyptians, Brazil and the Stone Age.

Can you tell me one fact that you will remember forever from each topic?

14 thoughts on “What can you remember?

  1. Daisy:i remeber a fact about the stone age that stonehendge was built 3000 bc
    Ella:I remember that Football is the most popular sport in Brazil.

    We will miss you Mr Anderson and Mrs Hopkinson

  2. in brazil they had lots of parads and festivals and they spoc porchagess

    in egypt the river nile flooderd egypt every year and the romans concerd egypt

    in the stone age they had to hunt for there own food

  3. if you killed a phara you will be stoned to death.
    there favourite sport was football
    the stone age village was found when the was a storm

  4. One fact is that Egypt is in the desert zone.

    The biggest rainforest is the Amazon rainforest along with the 2nd biggest river the Amazon river.

    They used berries and blood to make cave paintings.
    They had to shut down the caves because of the pedestrians’ carbon dioxide was damaging the caves

  5. Ancient Egyptians
    i know that in egypt the biggest river is the river nile.Also the biggest pyramid is the great pyramid of giza.
    Stone age
    I know neolithic mesolithic paliolithic.

  6. We have learnt a lot about the Stone Age, weather, Brazil and Ancient Egypt.
    Stone age was first before the old age

  7. In Ancient Egypt when the Pharaoh died his slaves also died as well. In Brazil the largest river is called the Amazon. It is the 2nd largest river in the world.

  8. Have you enjoyed camp? We have been trying to spell really hard words. In music we made a song about what we have done in year 3.

  9. Egypt is a hot country in the corner of Africa.

    Brazils favourite sport is football.

    In the Stone Age people had to hunt for there food.

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