It’s all coming together..

We are nearly at the end of the school year, but the hard work isn’t over just yet.

I want you to be getting quick with those times tables that we have looked at this year (3, 4, 8)

Try having some fun over the long weekend with your family by playing one of these games:

  • Bingo. Can you be the quizmaster?
  • Hit the button (try the different challenges on there)
  • Dance with Filbert Fox
  • Write the first 12 multiples of 8 on pieces of card. Then ask an adult to turn a card over. Can you guess in less than 5 seconds what the multiple was?
  • Maybe you know a good game you can share with the class on the blog?

Have fun!

6 thoughts on “It’s all coming together..

  1. jack
    i played the filbert fox game it is very fun.
    i played hit the button showed my mum filbert fox.

  2. I’m going to miss y3 I loved the Egyption topic.

    I played hit the button at home and I will miss you .

    daisy and ella will miss y3

  3. im going to miss y3 because we do really fun things and miss Mr Anderson and Miss hopkinson <3<3<3

    i keep playing hit the button
    i played bingo with my mum

  4. To

    Mr Anderson
    From Zack
    We have been doing our hundred words,spelling test and knowledge organizers.
    I want to know what you’ve been doing recently at camp.
    From Marley

    I’ve loved doing the assesments and I .C.T

  5. Hi Mr anderson we have been doing spellings assessment we have done spellings.we have been having a good time.
    what have you been doing at camp.

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