Stone Age homes

Last week, we looked at what some houses would have looked like in the different periods of the Stone Age.

What can you remember about the homes? 

Your previous learning will be important for our lesson this week as we are going to be looking at Skara Brae, which is on your knowledge organiser. What does it say about Skara Brae in the vocabulary section?

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What do you think it was like to live in this Neolithic settlement?

14 thoughts on “Stone Age homes

  1. The 4 types of shelter in the stone age were caves which were in the paleolithic period.
    Next was the teepees which were in the mesolithic period.
    Then there was wooden house made out of manure,mud,hay and sticks.This was in the early neolithic period.
    Finally there were round houses made out of bricks.This was in the late neolithic period.

  2. Zack

    I really love the stone age im so excited for our trip?


    i really liked when we did the stone age houses and cant wait for are next topic

  3. They are 4 diffrent home it started with CAVES! and then it was the TEPEE! and after that it was the WOODEN HOME! but after it was the ROUND HOUSE!

  4. I think that it would be cold and scary. In the Stone Age they lived in caves. in the Early Stone Age they lived in Tepees. In the Middle Stone Age they lived in a wooden home. In the Late Stone Age they lived in a Roundhouse.

  5. Mark:There different shapes and sizes,they was made in different periods.
    I liked about the homes was the first one had holes and the rocks
    Ruby i knew that the home was not very warm .i liked about the homes was the grass on top.

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