Our new topic

We are ready to look at the last topic of year 3 which is the Stone Age.

Last week, we introduced the Stone Age through our topic launch and I hope that you enjoyed the activities.

What are you looking forward to learning in this topic? Remember, we have a fun trip planned to Creswell Crags too later on in the term.

15 thoughts on “Our new topic

  1. Me and Thomas are excited to go to Creswell Crags.Thomas liked painting on topic launch the best.For Thomas’project i’m doing a cave but leo doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  2. Lewis im looking forward to the Stonage because there is alot of fossils and i like them.im also looking forward to creswell crags.
    Ruby im looking forward to the stoneage because its fasanating also im realy exited for creswell crags.

  3. I am so exited for our new topic because im already in love with our new topic and i also
    its realy fasanating .I also love fossils so i am going to go to the seaside angd get some for you & Mrs Hopkinson.

  4. i can not whait for are stone age and can not whait for creags wellcrages


    i can,t wait

  5. i love stone age so much i have so much nolige aboute stone age

    i wish i was a ston age person

    it is stone age, the New stone age , brones age, brones age realfe, the ice age, , iron age,

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