Down in the rainforest

In our topic work this week, we are learning more about the rainforest and I have been thinking about what it would be like to be deep in the Amazon.

I have been thinking about what it would be like right on the  forest floor, where it would be dark. I wonder what animals I would find there?

I have also been thinking about climbing a tall tree up to the canopy layer. What animals might I see on my way up to the top?


13 thoughts on “Down in the rainforest

  1. We have been on a trip to pearlthorpe and we did air temerture ,soil temerture and the wind temerture and light temerture.

    And we loved our trip.

  2. Deep in the Amazon rainforest it might be very dark and there would be alot of plants.
    Some of the layers in the rainforest are the upper layer and canopy layer but they are more layers.

  3. I would see on the forest floor snakes,spiders and Jaguars and if i climbed a tree i might see Sloths,Squirrel monkeys and Toucans.

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