24 Acts for the 40 days of Lent

In Y3, we have started our 40 day challenge to complete 24 acts and we are well under way with this. Some of you have already completed one or more activity from the list!

These can be done in any order, so this week we have tried to remember to say thank you to someone who helps us, hold the door open for someone and ask an adult in school if you can help them.

I would love to hear how you are getting on with these at home. A picture of you and your family doing these activities would be great to see if at all possible.

Have you already completed some of these activities? Which activity might be the hardest for you to complete?

16 thoughts on “24 Acts for the 40 days of Lent

  1. I helped clean my nannys house. and held the door for miss pevya. and said thank you to miss munk. I asked miss dorinton if I could help here. I helped my BFF. I said to Libby go in front and she said no thanks it is all rayt.I in vayted ovear and ella. I made a happy birthday to my granpar.

    1. Wow, Alexcia! You have been exteremly busy! I know that everyone will have been so thankful that you did all of these things. Do you have an activity you would like to try to complete next?

    1. Thank you for bringing your cross in to show us. Can we keep this in the reflection area? What a lovely thing to do! Just so you know, I like croissants and strawberry jam for my breakfast!

  2. i said thankyou to someone for my dinnner from Casey

    I red a bible and told someone a joke and made them smile also holded the door open for someone to what did you do for lent from Ruby

  3. We are learning about Brazil we are going on a trip to pealthorp. As well we are leaning weather and climate.

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