Who is the biggest bookworm?

We are fast approaching World Book Day!

On Thursday, we will be sharing stories all day, so to get us in the mood, I would like you to tell me some of your favourite stories.

Maybe it is a story that we have read this year such as Tiger Dead! Tiger Dead! or Harry the Poisonous Centipede or maybe it is a book that you have at home or one you are currently reading from the class library.

Take it away!

13 thoughts on “Who is the biggest bookworm?

  1. Luke’s favourite book is The Muffin Monster.Luke also likes likes Blue Planet II.

    Leo’s favourite book is Harry The Poisonous Centipede.

  2. Hello Mr Andison I am having a great week so far we have swimming on Thursday my favirote book is Horrid Henry

    1. Bowen, it is lovely to see you on the Y3 blog lately. It sounds like you are doing amazing at swimming. Are you enjoying it?

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