Saci Perere

Wow, what a wonderful afternoon we had with Mr Littlewood, who told us a story about Saci Perere. What can you remember from this story and about the character of Saci?

Mr Littlewood asked you to create your own story using some characters and a situation in which Saci caused some mischief. We read our stories out loud and I loved how creative these were!

Share on the blog your Saci Perere story.

14 thoughts on “Saci Perere

  1. So Mr. Anderson is teaching and his class is working and then saci snatched Mr. Anderson’s ice hockey tickets and then he went to the ice hockey stadium and then he gos in his pocket and finds a spider and he gos to the box office and said is they enemy more ice hockey tickets and the wicker said no so he cries to the ice hockey stadium and saci saw Mr.Anderson and he said do you want a ice hockey ticket and he said yes pleas and then mr. Anderson wached ice hockey twith saci

    1. Tyler, I loved your story when you shared it today. I thought it was very creative and I know Mr Littlewood said the same! Well done.

      Did you enjoy the story of Saci?

  2. Once upon a time a little girl called Lily went to school she was doing some big maths but when she was working out 23+ =50 but Saci perere took her pencil,book and her
    Pencil case.Lily said Saci perere please please can I have my pencil,book and my pencil
    case.Only if you become my friend said Saci quietly.Okay I will become your friend said Lily and then they become friends.

  3. Me Archie, Nathan ,Marley and Joshuawent to the Amazon rainforest and had a nerf battle. “I am just going to get a different nerf gun”,said Nathan.” “ Where has the nerf gun gon. Have you got it?” said Nathan. It’ Saci hey Saci please can I have my nerf gun back we will be your friend!” said Joshua. Then they had a battle.

  4. Once opon a time a girl called Gabreealla was in the forest and then saw Saci. She said hi and Saci was mocking her. She said stop! Saci said oh sorry lets be freinds. Gabreealla said fine. And they were good freinds for ever.

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