What is important to you?

There is a lot of learning to fit in this week before half term, so I hope that you are ready to work hard.

Keep learning those important facts from the 4x table. This week, our Learn Its are still:

4 x 4 = 16

5 x 4 = 20

6 x 4 = 24

Our RE learning this week will focus on the things that we consider important. What three things are the most important to you? Can you justify your reasons?

25 thoughts on “What is important to you?

  1. My special things.

    Daisy rabbit my teddy is important to me because I got her when I was only a few days old.
    My family because they are special to me.

    My dog Humphrey! He is a good dog and he learns good things. He always sleeps on my bed!

  2. In y3 we are lerning weather and Brizil and climet Zones and In maths we are lering
    about our 4times tables in maths and we have been doing a letter to mis lambet.

  3. Family and friend’s because if you didnt have any then you would be lonly from Ella.
    Teachers and Family to support you in life from Denity.
    My dog,moveing house and being diffrent and mostly you from Ruby.

  4. 4×4=16

    3 things most important to me are

    My iPad because I like to play the games.
    My family because they look after me.
    My friends because I won’t be lonely.

    1. Hi Tyler, a great question. Thank you for asking me.

      My family and my very close friends are very important to me, but an object that is important to me is a photo album that has lots of pictures of my childhood and times that I remember when I was growing up (just like you are now!)

  5. i find my mum and dad important because they pay bills pay for my food.
    i find my friends important because if i didn’t have any friends i would be lonely.

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