Weston Park & Knowledge Organiser

What a very busy week we have had in Y3.

On Tuesday, we visited Weston Park Museum as part of our topic. What was your favourite part of the day? I enjoyed listening to all your incredible knowledge. You really did impress the staff at the museum.

Perhaps some of this came because you have looked at your knowledge organiser. I would like you to post on here a fact from it.

8 thoughts on “Weston Park & Knowledge Organiser

  1. I know that the amulet is a charm that the Egyptians wore that the thought was magical.
    Also do you know how Mark broke the dictionary i am going to buy you a new one from Ruby.

  2. My favourite part was when we did mummifying on Fred. An interesting fact from the organiser is that Cats were considered to be sacred to the Ancient Egyptians. 🐈

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