Until the final breath!

Today we looked at lung capacity and we did an experiment to find out our own.

We used a homemade ‘machine’ to measure our lung capacity. Can you tell me more about this and how we used it? Who had the biggest lung capacity and why?

Tell me (and everybody else) something that you learned from today’s lesson and make sure you share what your lung capacity is!


17 thoughts on “Until the final breath!

  1. My lung capacity was 2.5 we took a big breath in and found out our own so we could see how much air we could hold in our lungs.😴😴😴

  2. I had the biggest lung capacity in class, it was 2.5L. We think that is becauseI enjoy playing sports. We blew into a tube which pushed water into a bucket. We learned that Mrs Abbott had the biggest lung capacity it was 5.0L.

  3. when we did lung capacity Mr andison made a machine that we could use to test with
    you take a deep breath and blow into the rubber tube until you can blow anymore and stop!

    1. That’s right Ruby! I enjoyed seeing you all get so excited about your learning. Can you remember what your lung capacity was?

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