What is a muscle?

In our science learning this week, we will be thinking our muscles. Before we start our lessons, tell me what you know about muscles.

Also, can you clarify any of these words that we will use in our lesson this week:

joints, tendons, contract, relax, biceps, triceps.

This weeks Learn Its are:

6 x 3 = 18

7 x 3 = 21

15 thoughts on “What is a muscle?

  1. Me and jack enjoyed learning about bones and we loved playing five lives.Me and jack liked making our skeleton puppets


  2. A muscle is in your body and they help you to move, by bending and stretching them. There are lots of different kinds of muscle’s and they all do different jobs.

    1. Hello Lily, thank you for commenting on the blog. It seems like you know lots about muscles already. Can you think of a way we could test how strong our muscles are?

    1. It is great to see you tackle some maths problems that are on your CLIC. Have you enjoyed our Keeping Healthy topic?

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