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Will you continue to stay healthy?

Next week, we will be wrapping up our topic learning. I have really enjoyed teaching this topic to you and I hope you have enjoyed it too.

Can you tell me a fact you have learned during our topic or your favourite lesson?

We have learned about:

  • Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores
  • The ‘Eatwell Guide’ and the five sections
  • The amount of hidden sugar in our foods
  • Vertebrates and invertebrates
  • Our skeletal system
  • Some of the main muscles in our bodies
  • Lung capacity
  • Healthy sandwiches and even created our own


Apple week cooking

Hello Y3,

On Friday, I hear that you cooked some delicious apple flapjack as part of our Apple Week celebrations; is this true?

What I do know is that you were all great as part of the cooking project and I also hear that some real life maths was involved, such as; how many grams in a kilogram, how to half 3 and 4 digit numbers and lots more!

Well done on another wonderful day.

Until the final breath!

Today we looked at lung capacity and we did an experiment to find out our own.

We used a homemade ‘machine’ to measure our lung capacity. Can you tell me more about this and how we used it? Who had the biggest lung capacity and why?

Tell me (and everybody else) something that you learned from today’s lesson and make sure you share what your lung capacity is!


What is a muscle?

In our science learning this week, we will be thinking our muscles. Before we start our lessons, tell me what you know about muscles.

Also, can you clarify any of these words that we will use in our lesson this week:

joints, tendons, contract, relax, biceps, triceps.

This weeks Learn Its are:

6 x 3 = 18

7 x 3 = 21