We’re off to a good start!

Hello Y3, and welcome to your class blog. Try and post on here as often as you can, either at home or school.

We have already started off the year strong and I am happy with the efforts you are putting into your work.

This week, we have lots planned such as; Topic Launch, Roald Dahl Day, our first SAFE challenge of the year, more handwriting practice and a philosophy lesson later in the week. What are you most looking forward to?

There will be a good news assembly on Friday, so I am on the lookout for a blogger, mathlete and the first star of the week! Make sure you are standing out for the right reasons.

Have a lovely week.

24 thoughts on “We’re off to a good start!

    1. This comment really made me smile. I am glad you are enjoying Y3 and that your behaviour is improving. Keep it up and remember to have a positive attitude when tackling tricky work!

  1. Hello Mr Anderson Leo and Isabel have enjoyed being in year 3. Our favourite lesson was english.Are you enjoying year 3 Mr Anderson.

    1. I am glad to hear you are enjoying English. Do you like the stories we are reading together? I love Y3! I can already tell we are all going to have a fun year.

  2. Lilys writing when I first started i was nervouse now i love it and its so much fun i love it because i am next to my brother

    Rubys writing i am looking forwod to year 3 because i am now i have moved up a class

    1. Hi Luke! Thank you for your comment. I am sure there will be plenty of facts for you to learn in our topics. I am glad you enjoyed our Noah’s Ark work. Have you shared the promises that you made in our lesson with your family?

    1. Hello Joshua, it is nice to see you on the blog! I am glad you have enjoyed our learning, you have made lots of progress in your handwriting already! Did you enjoy our topic launches? I know that you had a grown up come today. 🙂

      1. I did enjoy topic launch, I am looking forward to learning about Egypt. My dad is going to Egypt soon. It was my grandma at topic launch.

        1. The Egyptian topic is a lot of fun, Josh. Wow, will he visit the pyramids of Giza whilst he is in Egypt? I hope he can take some photos to share with you. It was lovely to see your grandma come along 🙂

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