An amazing day at Creswell

Wow. What a truly incredible day Y3.

First of all, well done on representing our school so beautifully. I felt very proud to be your teacher today.

I am sure that you all had a wonderful day on our visit to Creswell Crags, and I am sure you would love to share your memories with me on the blog. It was also very clear that you have listened carefully during our topic lessons and read your knowledge organisers, as you were full of facts today for the staff on our trip. Tell me some of the key words you remember from today and what they mean.

Remember to show your parents/carers your best neanderthal pose!

Photos will follow shortly.


12 thoughts on “An amazing day at Creswell

  1. I am enjoying the six week holidays
    I have been
    Watch Sherlock gnomes at cinnima,
    Started reading challenge
    Went ten pin bowling,
    Learnt to fish,caught 7 BIG FISH,
    Made and Cooked home made burger and wedges,
    Went to Trent unerversat looking at snakes and spiders,
    That’s week 1 for us . Have you done any thing fun ?

    1. Wow! I cannot believe how much you have done already and we have only had just over a week on holiday! I remember you telling me as we walked to church on the last day you were going fishing and it sounds like you picked it up quickly! Are you going to go again? I would also love to see any pictures when we are back at school, did you take any from Trent University? I have also read some books and I am glad to hear you have started your reading challenge 🙂 I have also been to the cinema, been shopping and seen some of my family and friends. I also went into school on Monday and Tuesday to tidy the Y3 classroom. What do you have planned for this week? I am loving hearing the things you are up to Bowen.

      1. Hie mr Andison we’ve done
        Shoe dogs at cinnima
        Spent four nights camping at walesby world camp for cubs
        Had double movie night with milkshake and munchies
        Visit skegness
        Light water valley
        Fca fun day
        That’s week two for us

        1. Hi Bowen,
          Sounds like you have had another wonderful week on holiday. What activities did you do whilst camping?
          I remember going to Lightwater Valley when I was younger 🙂
          I am not doing much this week but I am visiting London for a few days next week.

          1. On scouts camp l did
            Shooting with real guns
            Bumper cars at night
            Night fome party
            Fase paint
            Also we have been to

            Draten maner
            Been to king kamp at sheffield10 times done lots of activities there

            Had a day at doncaster in a fun day event where l had a go on a surf simulator

          2. Hi Bowen,

            Wow, another fantastic week by the sound of it. You are having some amazing experiences in the holidays this year, I especially like to sound of Drayton Manor and the surf simulator, what were they like?

            There is not long until we are back at school now, so what do you have planned for the final few weeks?

          3. I am going to skegvagas tomorrow for a week I have been to the cinnima twice and wactch
            incredible 2and hotel Transylvania 3

          4. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy your final week off and I look forward to seeing you next week to hear about all your stories in person!

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