Monthly Archives: March 2018

Test your knowledge

Well done to everyone who participated in our Spring Term projects. Your work was lovely and of very high quality. I enjoyed our carnival celebration with parents!

Even though we worked hard on those projects, we must not forget about our Knowledge Organisers. You have been set a challenge this upcoming week to show me what you know on the blog by posting some facts about Weather, Climate & Brazil from your Knowledge Organisers. Why don’t you ask a question for a friend to answer?

In addition to this, maybe you could answer these questions:

  • What is the capital of Brazil?
  • Define the word ‘climate’
  • What climate zone is Brazil in?
  • Tell me two countries that border Brazil.

If you cannot find your Knowledge Organiser, click on the picture to enlarge it!

World Book Day 2018

Today we celebrated World Book Day and what a wonderful day it has been.

You all dressed up in super costumes and some of you were unrecognisable as your favourite book character.

We read with some of our little friends from FSU and we were really mature and sensible, thank you.

Please don’t forget to carry on reading and filling in your bookmarks for next Thursday.