Monthly Archives: January 2018

Success-ful criteria

Next week, we are going to be finishing our unit of work in English by writing our own independent myth.

We have tried hard to follow our success criteria and we will continue to do the same next week.

Your blogging challenge is to post:

  • A sentence using an apostrophe for possession
  • A sentence using inverted commas
  • A sentence using the present perfect tense
  • A sentence that uses a ? and a sentence that uses an !

Perhaps you could think of the mythical creature you will write about next week and the ailment it has?

Signatures are up for grabs.

Topic Launch

This week, we launched our new topics ‘Weather & Climate and Brazil.’

We looked at the words ‘precipitation and climate zones’ during our topic launches. Can you clarify these words?

Also, have any of your questions about our topic been answered so far? Think back to our lesson on Tuesday when we talked about the word ‘continent’. If not, maybe you could post a question about something we learned so far for someone else to answer?


Welcome back

Welcome back to a new term!

In our maths learning this week, we are going to looking at the 4x table and our Learn Its are:

1 x 4 = 4

2 x 4 = 8

3 x 4 = 12

These Learn Its should be nothing new, as you already know their switchers!

We will carry on looking at forces and magnets in science, including an experiment on magnetism on Tuesday. Can you tell me on here where you see magnets in your everyday life? What are they used for?