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It has been a busy week!

I don’t know about you Y3, but I have had a brilliant week! There has been lots of practical learning in our science investigation and our topic work, which I hope you all enjoyed.

Our new Learn Its for next week are:

7 x 4 = 28

8 x 4  = 32

9 x 4 =  36

10 x 4 = 40

Remember, it is important to know that “What is 8 x 4?” can also be said as “What is the 8th multiple of 4?” Get used to used this mathematical vocabulary Y3 and you will be able to answer word problems better. Can you create your own ‘Where’s Mully?’ word problem? For example:

Mully is standing behind the biggest multiple of 4 without going past 30. What number is he stood behind?

As we have now finished our independent news reports, we are going to move onto our next unit of work in literacy which will be looking at mythical creatures in stories. Have you ever read a story before that has a mythical creature in it? If so, what was the story called?

On Friday, we had a visit from the author Billy Bob Buttons, who inspired us to be better writers by developing our characters, plot and setting. He also told us that using similes in your work to describe the character will give your reader a good picture of what the character looks like. Using the five senses, can you describe this picture of a mythical creature?


Grammar Hammer!


Think back to the grammar work that we have been covering over the past few weeks and specifically, the VGP focuses for the news reports we are creating.

Next week, we are going to write our independent news reports and I will be looking for you to include each VGP focus into your work. So to recap, our VGP focuses were:

  • Prepositions of time (Yesterday, tomorrow, the other day)
  • Prepositions of place (Behind the door, on the dining table, under the chair)
  • Capital letters for proper nouns, at the beginning of sentences and the personal pronoun I.
  • Inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.
  • A wider range of conjunctions (However, although, while, if, so)

For your blog post, I would like you to correct my passage of writing (which is not very good) thinking how you could add or change it to make it better, trying to include all the VGP focuses.

they waited for Sennapod to jump out of the dining room and they waited and then he did it and then they screamed. Get out here now sennnapod! shouted mr Lightspeed. We are waiting for you to take that candle off your head. Sennapod got off the chair and he nearly knocked over the lightspeeds. This happened ages ago. “No i will not shouted sennapod. 

Show me how good you are at editing and improving.

Have a lovely weekend.

Welcome back!

Hello Y3!

I hope that you have enjoyed our first week back at school. Even though it has only been short, I can’t believe the amount of work we have done and all the learning that has taken place already. Your behaviour has been spectacular this week and you have all made me very proud with your positive attitude.

We set some Resolutions for the year ahead on Wednesday. Would you like to share yours?

Also, we have received our new Learn Its which are:

1 x 4 = 4

2 x 4 = 8

3 x 4 = 12

In addition to this, you need to learn that:

Double 100 = 200

Double 200 = 400

Double 300 = 600

Double 400 = 800

Thank you to all the parents who came to topic launch, the children are very excited to start their new topics and the projects for this term!

Here are some challenges for the blog:

  • Write a sentence using one of your spelling words for this week. Try and add a conjunction in there also.
  • Ruben has 100 footballs, but Rio pops 63 of them. How many footballs does Ruben have left?

Enjoy your weekend.