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Ancient Egyptian Day!

Year 3 have had another very busy week, filled with lots of fun and learning.

On Thursday, we had our special Ancient Egyptian Day and some of you dressed up for the event, what did you come as?

The day was filled with lots of activities including an archaeological dig in the morning in which some parents came to join our learning, we made our calendars, wrote in Egyptian hieroglyphs and created a sarcophagus. Finally, we had a race to see which group could wrap a mummy the fastest using toilet paper! What was your favourite part of the day?

We also won the attendance trophy again and we were the attendance champions for the whole term which is an amazing achievement! It would be brilliant if we could do the same again for the next term!

I want to say a big well done to every single child in Y3 for your hard work over this term. You have made me very proud.

We only have two more days left of learning next week before we break for Christmas, so lets enjoy it.


Weston Park Museum

Hello all,

Wow, what a busy week last week was!

We worked extremely hard during the week and on Friday, we visited Weston Park Museum to learn even more about Ancient Egypt.

Instead of me writing what happened, can you tell me what happened?

What were your favourite parts of the day (you are not allowed to say lunch!) and post in the comments.

Walk like an Egyptian!

Hello Y3,

First of all, thank you to all the children who regularly post on the class blog as it could be quite lonely on here without you! If you would like to blog more in school, then let me know because you could do some blogging in lunchtime perhaps.

Are we still enjoying our topic? Last week you all, designed and created some beautiful Ancient Egyptian jewellery, which I have loved seeing. Perhaps we could showcase our work in the classroom? We are going to evaluate our designs at some point and I would like you to think about how we could do this. Can you think of some questions that we could use to help us evaluate our designs?

We will be completing another CLIC challenge and it would be lovely to see some more of you move up a CLIC before we break up for Christmas! But you must answer each question and use the techniques we have learnt in class to help you answer.

Don’t forget, this Friday we are visiting Weston Park Museum. I would like you to think about our behaviour expectations from the trip. Could you think how we can represent Priory in a positive way on Friday?

Enjoy the rest of your week and carry on working hard.