Monthly Archives: November 2016

Let’s keep up the hard work!

Hello Y3,

Wow, what another fantastic week full of hard work, learning and a class full of sensible and mature children.

First of all, well done to all the children who received a special mention in the good news assembly and also to our star of the week, Aron. Keep up this hard work and hopefully next week, more of you will be standing up in front of the school, celebrating your successes.

In our learning this week, lots of you have moved up to a new CLIC challenge  and many of you improved your scores. Keep this up and remember to use the methods we have learnt in class to help you answer questions. We also used drama this week to become newsreaders, telling the story of those cheeky chimps on the motorway! Then, we wrote a diary entry from the point of view as a child who saw it all unfold.

Next week, we will be using what we know about the three times table, to help us solve word problems such as; John eats three piece of fruit a day. How many pieces of fruit has he eaten by Friday? How can you use your knowledge of multiplication to solve this problem? Could you think of any similar challenges to set your friends?

Remeber to read over the weekend with somebody at home.

Have a good weekend, ready for a week full of fun and learning!

Priory’s professional projects!


This week in Y3, we had an exhibition of our projects to our friends and parents, to showcase our hard work and effort. Those children who did three or more projects had an extended golden time, which we all enjoyed and we cannot wait to get stuck into the next project. A very special well done to Harry and Vara, who have been chosen to go for lunch with leaders!

In maths, we have tried really hard on our CLIC challenges, with Alexas, Ben, Daniel and Keira all scoring 10 out of 10 which is very impressive! Lets hope that some more of you can improve your CLIC score by working hard and trying your best. Your Learn Its for next week are:

6 x 3 = 18

7 x 3 = 21

8 x 3 = 24

Also, we are still halving with Pim, so make sure you know what half of 300, 500, 700 and 900 is!

Mr Anderson is very pleased with our hard work and effort and he would like to see us taking responsibility for our learning all week long again.

Make sure you try to read at home and practice your spellings!

Is there a Pharaoh in your bath?

Welcome to our new half term everyone, we chose this title because our new class novel is called ‘There’s a Pharaoh in our bath!’ We have started to learn about the Ancient Egyptians in our topic and we are finding the class novel really funny so far.

We tried for the attendance trophy all last week and we won it… again! We are trying to get the trophy again this week. We enjoyed our 15 minutes extra playtime on Wednesday so we hope it is us.

Finally, we have written our independent poems about an animal of our choice and some of us read these out for our friends to hear. Everyone in Y3 has enjoyed our poetry unit and we are looking forward to our next unit, which will be reporting the news!

This week, we have done lots of tests (quizzes) in Maths which were hard sometimes, but because we were so good in these, the teachers were evil and gave us two more to do!

We also received a visit from the Life Education Bus and we now know more about our Brain and how it tells the rest of our body what to do. We were fascinated by this and perhaps you could write on here what your favourite part of the visit was.

Don’t forget that projects are due in this week and if you want to bring yours to be checked over, then you must do so as soon as possible.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe, particularly if you are visiting a bonfire.