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We have been enjoying our week, doing new and unusual things that we don’t normally do!

We have been learning the days of the week in French which are; Lundi, Mardi, Mecredi, Jeudi, Vendreidi, Samedi and Dimanche! We listened to a French person say these and we repeated them. We created a dance to help us learn them and also threw a ball to each other asking our partners to say a day.

Fractions are still not scary! We have been adding fractions with like denominators we can easily find fractions of quantities and we are feeling very confident and are ready for a challenge! Some of us improved our CLIC scores which Mr Anderson is very proud of.

This week we were looking at the different types of teeth which are; canines, molars and incisors. While we were learning this, Jack’s canine fell out on the carpet, right in the middle of the lesson!

Everybody worked their socks off in guided reading. We used our neatest handwriting and worked on lots of different tasks.

Have a special half term break, love from Y3.

Fractions are not scary!

Good afternoon Y3!

It has been another wonderful week, full of fun and learning.

In maths this week, we have come to realise that fractions are not scary and our learning has centered around becoming confident to tackle any question involving fractions. Well done to those who improved on their CLIC score, hopefully you will move up a CLIC challenge in the next few weeks. Also well done to our Mathlete, Rio!

Be sure to write on the blog competition before Sunday afternoon.

In our topic, we designed, created and evaluated a healthy sandwich. We grated the cheese, sliced the vegetables, spread the butter and finally enjoyed the sandwich!

Next week, we are carrying on with our class poem and discussing ideas involving the Guinea-pig, carrying on with our fraction work and finishing off our topic of Healthy Eating and Teeth and also enjoying our 15 minutes extra break for the best attendance! Have a great weekend.






Apple Mash!

Hello Y3.

It has been a fantastic week, with lots of learning taking place across all subjects. We have been multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, we looked at animals diets and sorted these into carnivores, herbivores or omnivores and we have started our new literacy unit looking at poetry.

We especially enjoyed making apple mash today and we have some future chefs in the making in Y3! However some of us enjoyed the apple mash more than others. If you enjoyed it, can you tell me why and if you did not enjoy it, can you tell me why not?

Remember, the blogging competition is now open and I would love to read some of your entries.

Have a great weekend.

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