Worksop Bloggers Blogging Challenge May 2016

Choose a setting from the four below:


Write a story of no more than 200 words that somehow links the three images below


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75 thoughts on “Worksop Bloggers Blogging Challenge May 2016

  1. One sunny day John Matthews went to the OXO Tower. He ordered some chicken. A tiger came ” Arrhh. ” Shouted John. The tiger took the chicken and ran out of the restaurant. John slipped on a jelly fish. ” OW ! ” John shouted. John saw two bears.
    ” Can you please help me ? ” said John.
    ” Sure . ” said the bears.
    ” My name is Kendall . ” said bear 1 .
    ” My name is Barnaby . ” said bear 2 .
    ” Thank you . ” said John .
    Then they chased after the tiger.
    ” Wait I have no food. ” said the tiger .
    ” Oh sorry . ” said John.
    ” Can we have some . ” said the bears .
    ” Sure . ” said the tiger .
    ” Thank you . ” said the bears .
    And they lived happily ever after . The End.

    1. I like how you’ve included all of the pictures in your story, Kendall. I’m wondering what the Oxo Tower is like – can you describe it in any more detail?

    2. Well done Kendall. You have produced a super blogging entry. I like that you have included lots of speech and you have used a wide range of punctuation. Great work!
      Miss Boot 🙂

  2. DON’T EAT THE JELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One dark Sunday evening in the middle of May, a 34 year old woman named Sarah decided to go to the Oxo Tower for a calm and relaxing evening lunch. Her car was out of petrol so she had to go in a Taxi. She finally got there and a waiter called Bob strolled to her Sarah said “Can I have a bottle of ‘J2O’ please?” “Ofcourse madam.” said Bob and brought her a bottle of poison in a ‘J2O’ bottle by mistake and gave it her. She drank it and fell asleep. Two bears appeared and scratched her arm. Sarah awoke and hugged them. She knocked the bottle off and it spilled on a tiger carpet and … THE CARPET CAME ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
    The tiger snapped towards the bears, Bob darted in and left them jelly and a jellyfish. They both ate them and got a horrible stench. Sarah saw a guy but the tiger ate him “Why did you eat him?”said Sarah and smacked his nose. She took him to the zoo and left him there. Just then they were back at their table and Sarah went home. She thought it was all a dream after she ate the jelly or was it?…

    1. I hope it was! I think the way you moved from one picture to the next was very skilful: well done! I was wondering what the bears are actually like – could you describe them in a little more detail?

    2. Well done Charlie. I enjoyed reading your story. You had lots of exciting ideas that made me want to read on.
      Miss Boot 🙂

    One summer’s day in London there was a girl called Lauren . She was planning her sister Sharon s’ wedding but the vicar , singer and organ player couldn’t make it so she saw a website called ZOO WEDDING!!!!! She remembered her sister loved zoo animals. It was wedding day .Tiger was the vicar, Bear was the organ player. But still there was no singer . So Lauren got Jelly fish to sing! He was most famous for singing at weddings but Jelly fish had also kindly said yes to being Edward the grooms best man. It was wedding time . As Tiger said” You may kiss the bride” he ate a piece of cake. But they got the wrong cake. This cake was poisoned! Tiger went crazy
    the army came in and took him away. Then to celebrate jelly fish made everyone
    sing and dance. Sharon said in joy to Lauren “this is the best wedding ever!” Years passed and one day ZOO WEDDING called and offered Lauren a job. She said yes. Months passed and she had 212 weddings in total and now her pet’s were Tiger and Bear but for Jelly fish he’s long gone.

    One early sunny morning on June the 27th on a Sunday the birds were tweeting and singing along happily in the light green trees. Jelly fish was 10 years old and Fred the lion was 11 years old and Bob the Bear was 12 years old. Jelly fish skipped to Fred the lion’s house and asked him “do you want to come to the Royal Albert Hall?” Fred the lion said “I will have to ask my mum” She said yes.
    They got to the Royal Albert Hall and it was amazing and it was very good there. It was brilliant and they had lots of food and pudding. It was very nice and it was beautiful and it was gigantic and very tall and very wide. Later they went back home and Bob told his mum . It was very good and Jelly fish told his dad that it was brilliant and finally Fred the lion said to his grand dad and grand mother that it was very nice there and it was gigantic and it was huge as well. THE END…


    One early summer’s morning Sara got up and went to the Royal Albert Hall . Once she got there she said to herself wow what a wonderful place this is. She walked up to a chair and sat down. Then Sam came. Sara saw Sam. Sam also said to himself. That it was a beautiful place to live in. Sam was waiting for Paul. Sam sat down next to Sara. Paul ran into the Royal Albert Hall and saw Sara and Sam sat on the front row. The talent show started. Every one sat still. Sara started talking“ I feel dizzy” Sara exclaimed. Sam said “I feel super dizzy” Suddenly Sara turned into a jelly fish!! Paul turned into a fierce tiger and Sam turned into a bear. Then the talent show finished and they all went home. Paul ran home so every one didn’t see how he looked as a scary tiger. Sara jogged home she wasn’t very bothered about what she looked like. Sam just walked home because he was a bear. Once they all got home they had a bath and they turned back to humans again.

  6. One day it was Barney’s birthday. He was going for a walk for the celebration of his 7th year alive. He was going for the walk to his favourite place. He found a hidden LEVER!
    “I wonder what this does?”
    Barney pulled the lever!
    “whoooo” said Barney.”Where am I?”
    He saw he was in the OXO Tower! He met some friendly bears! They were called Bob and Fred. They ordered lots of things including tiger and jellyfish. When the tiger came, IT WAS ALIVE!
    “AAARRRRGGGGHHHH” screamed Barney but then an idea popped into his head
    “why don’t we try to trip him over?”
    Everyone began to shuffle. “OUCH” complained the tiger. Bob began to find a knife’STAB! The knife snapped the tiger. “Whoo” danced Bob “Oh NO! the jellyfish is coming, get the tiger” shouted Bob “CHARGE”.
    They were at the table just in time for the jellyfish “OOH!” said Barney “when we have eaten all this, can we see if I can go back home?” “Yes” said Bob, “but how?” asked Barney. “Go to the kitchen and get a frying pan and whack the cooker with it!” replied Fred
    ” WHACK!” “WHOO” I am back home” Barney cried! The End

    1. No wonder that was his favourite place if it was as exciting as that! I’m impressed with your sentence openers and use of commas, Barney 🙂

  7. Dinner at Oxo tower

    Tamzin’s entry on Y6!!
    One hot bright spring day in June on a Monday Sarah was on her way to Oxo tower restaurant for her dinner. She wanted jellyfish and salad for her dinner and chocolate ice- cream for pudding. She started her work there until a bear and Tiger came in and sat down. Everybody ran away even the cook’s! All the pictures on the walls fell and broke. Then the bears started performing. Big bear asked the tiger” Do you want to be my back up singer” Tiger replied “Of course I do I love being back up singer ” Later on tiger saw fish and wanted to gobble him up but the fish jumped and tried to wriggle away. He wriggled out of the window . Tiger didn’t want to fall but he did! Fish laughed “HA!” Then he fell too! THE END

    1. I loved how you’ve used interesting verbs such as gobble and wriggle 🙂 You’ve missed a question mark – can you spot where it should go?

  8. Ellie’s entry on Y6!!
    The good Adventure
    One evening in April dad went to the car and drove off with Bob. When they got to where they were going they said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to Bob so then they had food and some music. They had a disco. They had very hot food. Bob was tall and skinny and he worked at OXO tower. He was really good and he made hot food and he had one stepdad and he went in to work everyday.
    There was a tiger that was a cuddly teddy with Bob and he was a carpet and jellyfish was his favourite food. They met each other in the forest and they hugged each other so they were now friends. They went to Bob’s house for tea to have something to eat but then they thought to go to the OXO tower because it had a lovely view. They were watching the dog’s play at the OXO tower when Tiger climbed on a chair while the bears went to the till to get some lovely ice cream to eat. Then they went back home. THE END

    1. I can imagine that the Oxo Tower would have a lovely view 🙂 If you wanted to include a question in your writing, what might it be?

  9. The magic tiger
    One hot sunny morning in September a young man named Fred was at work he was a chef . The chef went in the kitchen and filled an order. He saw a tiger rug so he walked on it. Suddenly the rug turned into a tiger !! “HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?” said Fred shockingly . The tiger looked up at Fred and said “because I’m magic that’s why! ” exclaimed Tiger . My name is Bob tiger.” I’m going to make jelly “said Fred “OK” said Bob tiger. Fred made the mixture and put it on the side . Bob tiger walked in and saw the jelly and Fred’s pet fish he used his magic to put the fish into the mixture and put it in the fridge.
    Fred came in and said “lets go in the customer room and give some people jelly” But to his surprise the jelly had his fish inside ! “HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?” Bob Tiger laughed” it was me again ” “sorry” Fred went into the customer room .And suddenly two nasty people walked in. Bob Tiger turned them into bears! They saw tiger then they turned good so tiger turned them back again.

  10. Don’t hurt the jellyfish…

    One day in the middle of May on a Sunday two bears woke up.
    The big bear was very tall and little bear was very small.
    They went to OXO tower with jelly fish and tiger. Tiger was black and orange and had an orange tail.
    In the OXO tower someone threw a ball. It was going to hit the jelly fish but tiger caught it in his mouth. He ate the ball up in one gobble. “Thank you said jelly fish” You saved me!
    All of the friends sat down and enjoyed their dinner. THE END

  11. The Chase
    The jelly fish is going to St Paul’s Cathedral to see the pictures and the bear is going to the staff room to get a drink. But he found a potion and he spilt it on the tiger. The tiger came to life and the tiger came to talk to the bear. The jelly fish came to the staff room too and the jelly fish ran away. The tiger saw the jelly fish and chased him. Steven was chasing them too. Max couldn’t catch them up. They met up together then they went home.

  12. Sweet Dreams
    One hot sunny day it was June it was 23rd of June there were two bears that went to Oxo Tower on a date. A Tiger was late for the date “ Hello dear “ said the Tiger happily, The little bear sat at the window but got scared and ordered for the table , The waiter brought a Jelly fish and the little bear had a cake but they didn’t know the Jelly fish was a live “Hello” said the Jelly fish but the little bear had no idea “little bear come here” said big bear “yes” said little bear “can you eat the Jelly fish said big bear “yes” said little bear “NO WAY ”said the Jelly fish so the Jelly fish ran up and down so they couldn’t get him , The Tiger jumped on top of the Jelly fish and the Jelly fish was on top of a Jelly fish “you got me” said the Jelly fish but they didn’t know that a ingredient was Toxic , they got a soon and said “To good friend” they took a bite it turned them in to a person But little bear didn’t know that happened so he ran away!

    1. It sounds like a disastrous date! You’ve missed a question mark out… I wonder if you can spot where it should go?

  13. The amazing trip
    One early sunny Saturday morning in December Stacey was getting ready to sing at the royal Albert hall. She saw a bear and she said “WOW!!! Look how big the daddy bear is” she yelled kindly. It was her turn next because it was her show. She was 27 years old and she had invited Tyler, Matthew and Nathan to watch. She met a friendly tiger and his name was Jock. He was a kind and caring tiger and someone picked on the tiger so some people went to him to him and said “do you want to sit next to me?” The show finished and they went home and they whispered good night. In the morning they went to the park all together but one of them said “I’m not, I’m going to a birthday party instead. It’s a kind girls party but she might not let you come but I don’t know.’’ “But do you want me to go or not?’’ Mathew said. “why not “! So they all went to the park and played on the swings and the slide . THE END…

  14. Oxo dinner ruined
    One early Monday morning on the 24th of July when the sun was rising Angelina woke up and brushed her teeth with an electric tooth brush and dressed up. She was a waitress aged 23. She liked to play the ukulele and piano. Angelina saw the fat tiger jumping around like he had tasted sweet victory. At work she saw 30 year old Ginger who was a chef and liked sport .When the chef was cooking yummy spaghetti Bolognese and he made a pudding with a jelly fish king jumping around it. Then the bears started bears started spying on the chef and Ginger accidentally spilled a toxic potion on the pudding and dinner Ginger shouted “OH NOOOO”. Angelina shouted “now I have to go to the shop and my legs are already tiered!”. Once she came back she said sadly “I have no breath” and Ginger made the dinner and pudding. Angelina went to the staff room and had a short nap on the couch. Suddenly the bears scared Angelina and she ran out and came back in the peaceful hour everything reappeared and everything was very good again.
    The end

    1. Nicola, I really like how you’ve used adjectives to tell the reader more about the tiger, spaghetti and the hour. Tasting sweet victory creates a great image as well!

  15. Do not touch the tiger!
    One early sunny Saturday morning in August there was a girl called Zoe and she was 35 years old. She worked at Royal Albert Hall. She had to clean the tiger rug and it always ate the jellyfish because he was always hungry at all times every minute and every hour because he was a tiger! The tiger’s name was Simon, the jellyfish was called Zoe, the big bear was called Tyler and baby bear was called Ellie. They were all kind except for the tiger because he came alive even though he was a rug! The tiger didn’t bite the jellyfish this time because they were best friends now. They went to where the lovely tiger goes to work to have some dinner with his friends. While he was cooking he had some food because he was hungry. He went to work so that he could be with his friends. They had some food then they went to go to the woods. THE END.

    1. No, don’t touch the tiger! I think you used so and because really well to extend your sentences 🙂

  16. Busy day at OXO Tower
    One Sunday afternoon in June when Oxo Tower was very busy a girl called Mary (who’s 21 years old) went to work. She was not looking forward to going to work. When Mary got there it was just a normal hour then Mary got a customer “Hello, I would like a table not close to the window” said the customer. So Mary placed her close to a big fancy painting. “Here you go, I’ll be back soon” smiled Mary. Suddenly the painting came alive. “Arrgghhh, run, hide!” shouted everyone in OXO Tower.
    “ROAR! MY TOWER” howled the tiger. The tiger fell and spat on the stage and all of the instruments turned into jellyfish “BLOB! BLOB!” went the jellyfish. “What’s my boss going to say?” cried Mary. Then the orchestra turned into big bears. Mary was so upset that she fell to the ground…
    She looked up. It was all normal. “Wow! It is all fine now” she whispered to herself. She was shocked. Later in the year people did not believe Mary so Mary thought that it was a dream, but was it…

    1. You set the scene really well, Ruby: it was just like being in a restaurant 🙂 I loved your use of brackets too!

    One sunny morning a grizzly bear came along, “Look!” said Conner “It’s Jeff ’’. He went off and found a green potion. He didn’t read the label and drank some. He ran outside and he roared as loud as he could. Everyone stared at the tiger. He ran back into the Oxo Tower and had a jellyfish for his dinner .He gobbled him up in one! The bear said “Hey, spit him out, he is my best friend. If you don’t I will gobble you up too. So make your decision spit him out or I’ll gobble you up in one.” “Ok, I don’t want to die, so I’ll spit him out. sorry, I will never do that again .” said Fred He spat it out. Jellyfish mate, are you alive?” “Let me check if he is still breathing, yes he is!” “Yes!” “When is he going to wake up?” “In a few hours but I am sick of waiting.” “Look! He is waking up now!” said Fred “Shh! give him a surprise!” whispered Conner “RRROOOOOAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!” went Conner and Fred. “Ah, you scared me!” said Jeff.
    THE END.

  18. Candy Land
    One sparkly night in August 25th 2015 Molly was finding her tool box in the Staff room while eating her dinner. As she was about to make a drink she saw a blue glowing thing catch her eye. But it said on the label liquid jelly Fish potion she spilt the potion on a horrible bear Rug. BANG! The bear rug was real! She fell in a deep deep, deep sleep! She woke up in the sea. And saw a jelly fish King. He was very kind to Molly and the Jelly fish King gave her a present to say thank you for everything then Molly fell in a deep sleep again! She saw that was in candy crush land. She ate some of the candy and she went to explore the land. She saw candy crush tiger. It chased Molly everywhere in the land. Then she fell in a deep, deep sleep again and it was all just a dream!

    1. I like how you wrote BANG! to catch the reader’s attention 🙂 I was just wondering: whereabouts is the staff room?

    One sunny day in the very famous , modern , royal ST Paul’s Cathedral there was a 29 year old lady who was getting married. When suddenly… there was a noise. “what was that? ‘’ said Dad . “Let’s go and find out ‘’ replied Sophie in a shy voice. So they went down and down the deep, dark damp steps. Suddenly they saw a gigantic orange and black tiger. Sophie freaked out but then she realised that it was a nice tiger. It said ‘’Helllllllllllloooo.” “What is your name?” “Tigrus’’ it said. “ I didn’t know that tigers could talk!” yelled Sophie and Dave together.
    “Here I’ll show you around. This is bear and his baby . This is your pudding, jellyfish, but she is poisoned . That is why the first person we served got poisoned! Now let’s go and have some jelly but not the poisoned jelly! So they all went and had some pudding and they got married too. “I love you Dave.’’ Then … everybody ate the poisoned jelly and they all fell on the floor and later they all got up and then Dave and Sophie kissed …

    1. How romantic your story is! I really like how you’ve told me more about the tiger and the steps 🙂

  20. The Jelly tower
    One sunny day the Jelly fish when to the Oxo Tower. When the Jelly fish went in the Oxo Tower the jelly fish got stuck in the Jelly. Then the floor went up and took me with it and when I was too big I went screaming down his mouth. I tickled his belly and I went flying out of his mouth. I went in a potion and it was too hot and I went flying out. I fell on a fluffy carpet and the fluffy carpet came alive and it ate me. Well I thought it ate me! The fluffy carpet was sad. It had a knife in its foot I took it out then it ate me I flapped out the fluffy carpet and I said I am not going in that Jelly tower every again but I had to get out of this jelly tower . Then people got me and put me in the kitchen and I had to get out and I ran out the kitchen and ran down the stairs and ran out of the jelly tower and said “I am never going in that tower again!”

  21. It’s just a dream
    One sunny day in March a little boy called Fred who was 7 years old went Battersea power station. Fred got an electric shock and he got dizzy. When he got better he went out of Battersea power station and he went home for a little nap. Waking up he found a jelly fish and Fred ate the jelly fish at was poisonous. Then Fred had another nap and he woke up again and saw two bears next to him .Fred yelled “ house down” Fred found a new house. He went to sleep again then he woke and a fierce tiger was there .He ran away. The fierce tiger lost Fred then Fred realised that it was a DREAM

    1. I’d be frightened to go to sleep if I was Fred! If you were to include a question, where might you put it?

  22. The Battle
    On a dark late night when bats were around the house of horror, Magic Fred lived in that horror house. It got struck by lightning. Magic Fred flew away to another dark house. But then he had an idea. Let’s make the world freeze.SO… he did it. Then Tiger villain was died and the Battle began! Jellyfish made Bear slip over but he got straight back up and gravity punched the floor and jellyfish died. The tiger remembered Fred was his friend and Bear and jellyfish just remembered that they were friends aswell. Then they went to went to St. Paul’s cathedral to go and eat ice-cream and Sunday dinner.

    1. St Paul’s Cathedral sounds like a safer place than the house of horror! If you wanted to include a question, where might you put it?

  23. Don’t eat the jellyfish…
    One sunny Friday morning, Fred was off to work. He said “it’s fun going to work in the Oxo tower.” Jacob came to work at the same place as his crazy brother. Fred was helpful to his crazy brother. His fun brother felt happy and when his crazy brother first came in to work he was shy then Fred said “I feel nervous.”
    The bear said “I’m not eating that jellyfish, it’s disgusting. Tiger said “sorry bear” “don’t do it again” Tiger said “I give up” “Do you bear? “ yes I do “I nearly got eaten,” “well I said sorry and I didn’t mean to can I go home now?” “yes of course you can we should get ready now the queen is coming to have dinner at the Oxo tower she is going to come at 2:00pm That is why we have to hurry up.” “Oh no she is here now! Don’t give her jellyfish she will go mad! THE END

    1. No, I don’t think it would be a good idea to give the Queen jellyfish! In your second paragraph, it’s a bit hard to understand who’s saying what – if you get chance, maybe you could edit your post and make it a bit clearer.

  24. Jelly, case 15
    One Friday morning John went to the Battesea power station to charge his phone because he lost his charger.When he was heading out he saw a lever… he pulled it. Then a gate opened. He went in. In there he saw “A tiger?” said John. He saw a door ‘staff only’ it read, Well he wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t go in so he did. He heard a scream so he followed the noise. “A bear” he exclaimed “Where’s Josh the jellyfish” cried Bobby the bear “I do not know” said daddy bear “I’ll find him” John said happily “Yey” said bobby so off John went “HELP!” screamed Josh “I’m coming!” answered John, Josh tried to slide under the metal door but couldn’t. Bob used his super strength to destroy the door, he saw evil Bob the fat snake. “Give Josh back” screamed John “Never” replied Bob so John grabbed Bob and slapped him across the wall. The impact of John’s strength and Bob’s well… fat broke the metal wall in half!!! Bob went through the walls casually breaking them then suddenly the building started toppling over but John held the building up until someone fixed it properly.

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