Can you ‘measure’ up to the challenge?

Over the last two days we have been practising converting measures.
We have looked at (and applied) how many mm make cm, cm make m, m make km, g make kg and ml make l.

Here is a link to a game that requires you to use this knowledge – see how far you can get and how quick you can do it! Why not try to beat your own score…

You could post some of your own questions based on the facts for others to answer or let us know how you have got on with the game (no cheating!!!)

12 thoughts on “Can you ‘measure’ up to the challenge?

    1. I have a question too! An apple weighs 300g and you had 13 of them, before you answer show the working out! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  1. I have got a challenge for you Year 3.
    If a jug holds 500ml and I pour 161ml out ,how many ml will still be in the jug?


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