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Can you ‘measure’ up to the challenge?

Over the last two days we have been practising converting measures.
We have looked at (and applied) how many mm make cm, cm make m, m make km, g make kg and ml make l.

Here is a link to a game that requires you to use this knowledge – see how far you can get and how quick you can do it! Why not try to beat your own score…

You could post some of your own questions based on the facts for others to answer or let us know how you have got on with the game (no cheating!!!)

It’s all in the past!

historyLast week we looked at timelines as we began our learning about The Stone Age. We looked at BC and AD dates and how to work out which ones came first and where we would place them on a timeline.
I would like to set you two challenges…

1) Can you put these periods of history in chronological (time) order, looking carefully at their dates.
a) The Victorians 1837 – 1901
b) The Bronze Age 3000BC
c) The Tudors 1485 – 1603
d) The Great Fire of London 1666
e) The Stone Age (Neolithic period) 10,000BC
f) The Romans 43AD

2) Can you find out how long ago the Stone Age period was? When did it end? How many periods was it split into?

This week’s Learn Its…

Our learn Its this week are part of our 3 x table.
We have practised the multiples of 3 by chanting them and playing different games and for the next two weeks we are concentrating on
7 x 3 = 21
8 x 3 = 24
9 x 3 = 27

If you know these facts, what else do you know?
Could you post some questions using the facts for others to answer – you could use word problems, missing box questions, changing the thing…

Let’s get blogging…