Monthly Archives: January 2016

Weather or whether?

On Friday we were looking at some examples of ‘HOMOPHONES’ – words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings.

There are lots of examples of these words e.g. bare and bear, hear and here, right and write, be and bee…

I wonder if you could post some of your own examples of homophones?  Maybe you could put them into two different sentences to show your understanding of each one?  I will start you off…

It was so dark in the cinema, Bella could not see where her friend was sitting.

I love to watch the boats sailing on the waves in the calm, blue sea.

Over to you… 🙂

Maths Challenge – Where’s Mully

mullyThis week we have practised using our times tables and multiples knowledge to find where Mully is hiding.

I am going to start you off with one to solve and then I would like you to post your own for other people to try to answer. Please keep to the multiples of 2,3,4,5 or 10 and do not go past the 12th multiple!


I am hiding behind the biggest multiple of 5.
I do not go past 27.
Where am I hiding?

Is Big maths a huge success?

big mathsHello Year 3!

We are well and truly up and running with our new maths system ‘BIG maths’ now.

I think that it is really good and that it is helping parts of maths make a lot more sense but I would like to know what you think?
What are your thoughts and opinions? Do you have a favourite part? What have you learnt from it?  What do you enjoy?
I would love to hear your views so get posting…