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The end of term 1! So, was 5 the magic number and was a pyramid just a shape?

DSC04151DSC04121DSC03793DSC04024Well Year 3, didn’t that term fly by!?
We learnt lots about our two main topics; Teeth and Eating and then Ancient Egypt. At the beginning of each one I posed a question
1) Is 5 the magic number (Teeth and Eating)
2) Is a pyramid just a shape? (Ancient Egypt)
What do you think now that you have studied each of the areas? Can you think of reasons why the answer might be yes, no or even both?

What did you enjoy most about the learning this term?
Is there something that you think you could now be an ‘expert’ in? (this could be maths or English too, not just topic work!)

I look forward to reading your posts.
Have a lovely break and a Happy Christmas to you all.
See you in the New Year x