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Hello Year 3!
How much did you enjoy our trip to Weston Park Museum, especially learning more about the process of mummification?
This week I would like you to post some blogs about Mummies and Mummification.
Maybe you could tell us some of the parts of the process that you remember, some of the organs that were removed and where they were stored (can you remember or find out the names of the different ones?)
Maybe you could research some interesting facts about different mummies, including Tutankhamun – there are lots of things about mummies so I look forward to reading your comments (remember to check your spellings and punctuation before you send them to me though 😉

Can I have a fraction of your time?!

This week we have been working on fractions so I thought that I would see who could answer the following questions based on fractions…

The first 5 to answer correctly will get 2 signatures and 2 raffles each, the next 5 will get 1 signature and 1 raffle each and EVERYONE that answers will get a DOJO point! (I will not publish any answers until Monday 9th November so that nobody can copy!)

So what are you waiting for getting working on those fractions…

  1. What is 1/2 of 8?
  2. What is 1/4 of 16?
  3. What is 1/3 of 30?
  4. What is 1/5 of 30?
  5. What is 2/3 of 12?
  6. What is 1/10 of 70?
  7. What is 3/10 of 70?

Maybe you could tell me some other fractions of amounts – try to really impress me e.g. 2/6 of 24 = 8,  4/9 of 54 = 24

(Please do them yourself and don’t make them too tricky, 2 and 3 digit numbers are enough! – it is more important to be right!