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Instructions, instructions, instructions!!!

This week we have been very busy writing our instructions for the healthy sandwiches that we made last week. We have tried to include adjectives, adverbs, imperative verbs and temporal connectives to make them the best instructions that we can.
I wonder if anyone can post any examples of super instructional sentences that have these in them?

In Numeracy we have been partitioning and recombining. Some of us found it very tricky but we got there in the end.
Who can explain the partitioning method? For example, how would we do 45 + 26 = ???

Let’s hope that next week sees us all working as hard as most of us did this week 🙂

Keep blogging Year 3, I am getting a little bit lonely on here :'{

Anyone for a sandwich?

DSC03793What a busy day we have had today!
We have been cutting, slicing, grating, peeling, spreading and chopping to make our healthy sandwiches! They were (to quote a couple of you) “yummy” “delicious” “tummy-tickling” and “amazing”.
Did you enjoy making your sandwich? What did you find tricky or easy? How did it taste? What was your favourite part?
I look forward to reading your comments…