Monthly Archives: May 2015

This week in Year 3…

We have had a great week this week!
Following our topic launch (thank you to the parents who managed to join us) we have begun learning about the Stone Age. We had great fun trying to communicate messages to each other through drawings on a cave wall but discovered quite quickly that it wasn’t very easy!
We have sorted and matched different sources of evidence about life in the Stone Age and discussed what it tells us and how reliable it is.
In Numeracy we have been working hard on division and then we moved on to ordering and comparing numbers, including decimals!
In Literacy we have been looked closely at verbs and adverbs in preparation for our play script writing.
What have you learnt this week or enjoyed the most?
Maybe you could post a Stone age fact or some excellent choices of powerful verbs or adverbs (putting them into super sentences would be even better!)
Remember to write in your post what you are telling us, I look forward to reading them 🙂