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Mummy, Mummy, Mummy!!!

mummyToday we began exploring the process of mummification!

We found out that there was a lot more to it than just wrapping a body up in bandages.  We looked at the different stages of the process and became an Embalmer’s assistant to see if we could complete the process ourselves before recording the process in our individual flowcharts.

Which parts of mummification can you remember?  Which parts surprised you or made you squirm?  Could you post a question about the mummification process for someone else to try to answer?

Don’t forget you can also have a go on the ‘Mummy Maker’ yourself to remind you of the different steps

I have a problem…

thinking mathsHere is a number problem for you to have a go at…

I would like you to work out my number using the following clues, the first 5 correct answers (by Friday 28th November) will get a signature each!

* I am a 2-digit number
* I am an even number
* I am less than 50
* The number of my units is double the number of my tens
* I am more than 30

What is my number? There are 2 possibilities!!!

This week in Year 3 (posted by Year 3!)

teeth1This week we have been busy writing non-chronological reports about teeth. We have been writing sentences about the purpose and the different types of teeth.
In Numeracy we have been doubling and halving.
We have also been doing some work on capital letters – looking at where they are used and why!

What have you enjoyed the most? Why?
Could you post a fantastic sentence about teeth?
Are you able to post a doubling or halving fact or question for someone else to answer?

All good posts will get a raffle ticket! So get blogging 🙂