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Are you ready for Ancient Egypt?

pyramid2After the holidays we will be beginning our topic about Ancient Egypt.
Here are some of the subject specific words that we will be learning about, and using a lot, as we study the Ancient Egyptians.
* Pharaoh
* Pyramid
* Temple
* Hieroglyphics
* Inundation
* Desert

Can you try to find out the meaning of some of these words and how they are linked to Ancient Egypt?
We will look at your answers in class…

This week in Year 3….

We have had a lovely week in Year 3!


In Numeracy we have been focussing on shapes, looking at their names and properties and recognising regular and irregular versions of them.


teeth1In our topic work we have begun looking at teeth and finding out some very interesting facts about them, including why we have them, when we get them and how they are different.


What has been your favourite or most proud moment this week?
Perhaps you could post something (or even a question) about teeth or shapes???
Keep blogging…